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Sister Diana @uc_pres   Living in the present moment gives us an opportunity to catch our breath in the midst of our hectic lives & focus on the Spirit of God.

Vision 24 Videos

Allie Butta

Major: Nursing

Otisha Germany
Major: Nursing

Sam Turner
Major: Accounting

Stephanie Pratt
Major: Visual Communication Design, Minor: Public Relations and Studio Arts: Metals

Robyn Miller
Major: Psychology

Julianne Felty
Major: Nursing

Alivia Henderson
Major: English with Public Relations minor

Molly Sabolsky
Major: Nursing

April Holdson
Major: Nursing

Desire'e Greer
Major: Social Work

Rebecca Bittala
Major: Social Work and Sociology

Natalie Koch
Major: Fashion Design & Merchandising

Colette Bauer
Major: Psychology

Nina Jacobs
Major: Early Childhood Education

Clarissa Sims
Major: Nursing

Myresha Buckingham
Major: Pre-Pharmacy

Amanda Shay
Major: Nursing