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Management Information Systems

The Management Information Systems Program
The Management Information Systems (MIS) Program has been updated significantly to reflect the demands of the current marketplace. The program prepares technically competent information technology specialists who are comfortable solving problems, communicating with users and continuing to develop their skills as new technologies emerge.

Students will be exposed to the various technologies involved in the modern business enterprise: networking, programming, Web development, hardware, systems software, databases and project management. The MIS program stresses project development in a collaborative team environment in order to bring value to an organization. The program provides a broad foundation in the arts and sciences as well as preparation in the major technologies available in the current business environment.

Career Opportunities
Sound management principles, technology, as well as good communication and analytical skills have become essential components of many technology careers. An individual must be able to analyze problems, design solutions, communicate with team members and customers, make technology decisions and implement computerized systems. The blend of skills acquired in this major prepare the student for careers such as:

  • Programmer/analyst
  • Technical support
  • Applications development
  • Help desk and end user support
  • Web development in businesses, governmental and non-profit organizations
The Ursuline Studies Program
The heart of an Ursuline education is the Ursuline Studies Program. By its very nature, the Ursuline Studies Program is committed to the development and enrichment of all students. As an outcomes-based curriculum, the program views assessment of academic progress as an essential part of each course and each stage of development.

The Ursuline Studies Program involves a series of writing-intensive interdisciplinary courses that total 49 credit hours and serve as the liberal arts core of an Ursuline College education. The program highlights personal development, the cultivation of academic abilities and the exploration of a coherent, integrated body of knowledge drawn from a variety of disciplines.

Management Information Systems Degree Plan/Audit Sheet

Ursuline Studies Audit Sheet

Management Information Systems Minor Audit Sheet

Management Information Systems Certificate Audit Sheet

Gainful Employment
Federal regulations require institutions to disclose to prospective and current students certain information about Gainful Employment Programs. A "Gainful Employment" program is a certificate program that leads to gainful employment in a recognized occupation.  Ursuline College currently offers some certificate programs that meet the Gainful Employment definition. Information about this certificate program, including related occupations, graduation rate, median loan debt for program completers, on-time completion rate and other pertinent facts is available on the following document: