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Presentation Guidelines

Poster Guidelines
• Presenters must be available to discuss their displays during the Research Symposium, Thursday April 27 5:30-8 pm.  If presenter is not present the poster will not be considered for an award.
• Poster presentations are displayed on poster boards.
• All posters must include the Ursuline logo, Students’ names and emails, and mentor’s name and department.
• Posters should be a minimum of 24 inches high and 42 inches wide (Tri-folds display boards are acceptable).
• Posters must be readable from at least three feet away (at least 24 point font).
• Place the title of your paper and your paper number prominently at the top of the poster board to allow viewers to identify your paper. Leave a space on the upper right corner for placement of a number on the day of the Symposium.
• Highlight the authors’ names and contact information (email) in case the viewer is interested in more information.
• Arrange materials in columns rather than rows.
• Keep the text brief.  Blocks of text should not exceed three paragraphs (viewers won't bother to read more than that).
• Use numbered or bulleted lists to convey series of points.
• Before the poster session, rehearse a brief summary of your project. Many viewers will be in a hurry and will want a quick "guided tour" of your poster.
• KEEP IT SIMPLE. Keep to the point, and don't try to cover too many things.

Oral Presentation Guidelines
• Plan for a 15-minute oral presentation with five additional minutes for questions.
• Room assignments will be emailed to student presenter prior to event.  Please visit classroom to practice (TBA).
• Presenters must bring any digital presentation materials on a USB flash drive and/or a CD/DVD.
• The recommended format for presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint. The Ursuline Logo must be included in the PowerPoint slides.
• If there are any technical difficulties during the presentation, please inform the moderator who will contact CIS.
• Prioritize topics and allocate time accordingly.
• Have a well thought-out pattern (e.g., cause and effect, chronological, problem/solution).
• Use examples, anecdotes, graphics, images, & statistics to illustrate main points & to maintain your audience’s interest.
• Use simple sentences and language because listeners have only one chance to hear your talk.
• KEEP IT SIMPLE: It is important that you organize your presentation clearly and simply.