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How do you want to be remembered?

The Heritage Society
As you look at your will, estate plans and your wealth management strategies, we urge you to keep Ursuline College in mind. In recent times, a number of alumnae and friends of Ursuline College have joined the Heritage Society.  The Society recognizes donors who have included Ursuline College in their estate planning. Won’t you join with members who know the importance of ensuring that the mission of Ursuline College continues for generations to come?

Benefits of planned giving:
  • Ensure that your wishes are fulfilled
  • Be remembered in prayers throughout the years
  • Be invited to the annual Founder’s Day Celebration
  • Be invited to the annual Heritage Society Mass and Brunch
How to give back through planned giving:
  • A Well-planned Will – you decide how your property and other financial assets are to be distributed
  • A Bequest – you provide in a will or estate plan that all or part of your estate goes to Ursuline College
  • A Charitable Trust – you specify an annual amount that is to be donated to Ursuline College
  • A Charitable Gift Annuity – you set up an irrevocable transfer of property to Ursuline College that pays you an annuity for life
  • Life Insurance – you give your life insurance policy to Ursuline College
In doing so:
  • You will establish an endowed scholarship to provide for a student with financial need
  • You will provide resources for new programs and endeavors
  • You will contribute to the enhancement of the building and grounds
  • You can ensure an excellent education for students
  • You can honor a loved one through your bequest
  • You can maximize your tax advantage

Your first steps:
  • Contact Kevin Gladstone, Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Ursuline College at 440.646.8355 or kgladstone@ursuline.edu
  • Discuss what works best for you
  • Set up a planned giving program that fits your needs now and in the future