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Parents and Families

Congratulations on your son or daughter's acceptance to Ursuline College! It is our pleasure to welcome you and your family into the Ursuline community. You have nurtured and raised a bright, caring, and capable young adult whom we are proud to call an Ursuline College student!

Be sure to take advantage of our parent blog below, Connections and Conversations. This resource is designed to be full of helpful information that will assist you in creating the best possible college experience for your student.


Connections and Conversations

August, 2014

Your First-Year Student

Transitioning from high school to college can be exciting, overwhelming, and a mix of other emotions. 
Parents and families can help facilitate this transition by being supportive and understanding of the array of emotions that their student may be feeling during this time. Whether your student is commuting to college or is living in the residence halls, staying engaged is paramount to his or her success. Here are a few questions to ask students during the first few weeks of school to engage them in conversation and learn what kind of support they need.

Questions to ask in August/September:

1. Can you name three friends you have made at Ursuline?
2. What classes/instructors do you like/dislike at this point? Why?
3. How are you staying organized? Planner? Calendar on your computer or phone?
4. Do you know who your academic advisor is? If not, do you know where to find that information?
5. What 'Welcome Week' activities did you attend? What was your favorite?
6. Have you visited your professors during their office hours?
7. What is the biggest difference you've noticed between high school and college?
8. Do you know the deadline date for withdrawing from a class?
9. Do you need a tutor for any of your classes? Have you visited URSA?
10. Are you making an effort to get involved on campus?

and don't forget....

11. Are you checking your Ursuline email and responding in an appropriate timeframe?