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Ursuline College "Financially Fit" According to Forbes, US Department of Education

August 09, 2013

Ursuline College is financially fit according to Forbes Magazine and the U.S. Department of Education. Forbes recently rated the financial fitness of 925 private colleges and universities in the country. Ursuline College is rated 12th among 46 schools in Ohio and 241st among 925 schools nationwide, receiving a solid 2.883 GPA in financial fitness. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Education released its College Financial Responsibility Composite Scores for private non-profit and proprietary schools and for the 10th consecutive year, Ursuline College received a perfect score of 3.

The composite score reflects the overall relative financial health of institutions along a scale from negative 1.0 to positive 3.0. An institution must demonstrate its financial responsibility by submitting an audited financial statement and the school’s compliance audit to the Department of Education yearly in order to participate in the Federal Student Aid programs. 

According to David Steiner, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Ursuline College, “The tradition of excellence in the higher education of women has been Ursuline’s trademark since our founding in 1871.  Under the leadership of Sr. Diana and an engaged Board of Trustees, Ursuline College has a history of fiscal responsibility, as well, that includes annual balanced budgets and growth in the endowment fund through both donations and prudent investment strategies. The goal is to strike a balance between providing for current needs and ensuring the future financial stability of the institution.  We are extremely proud of Ursuline’s financial strength.”

Stiener credits the generosity of Board members, alumnae, friends and the dedication of all faculty and staff for the financial success of the College. 

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