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From mechanical bulls to aroma therapy, students kept busy

December 05, 2017

By: Elyse Pitkin '18

When they’re not cramming in study sessions or reviewing notecards in the library, students here at Ursuline College dive in toimage of student on mechanical bu;; various activities provided to them by the Office of Campus Ministry, Residence Life, the Office of Student Activities and others.

Programming Board, one of 22 clubs and organizations at Ursuline College, provides a wide variety of programs and activities for students. Once a month, Programming Board offers free films on Friday evenings, including free candy and popcorn. During the Fall 2017 semester, large audiences of undergrad and graduate students, as well as faculty members watched several box office films including Disney’s new “Beauty and the Beast”, “Get Out”, and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” During the week, Programming Board offered students a wild ride on a mechanical bull, competitive Bingo, weekly Turbo Kickboxing classes, and pumpkin painting during midterm week. And that’s just Programming Board! There are 21 other clubs and organizations that keep Ursuline students busy including Anime Club, U-Earth, Women’s Circle, Inscape, and Student Nurses of Ursuline College (SNUC).

Students living on campus take part in additional programs offered by Residence Life in Murphy, Grace and Smith halls. The Resident Assistant team this year comprises seven witty, creative, and dedicated leaders who enjoy making a difference for fellow residents.

Amy Lechko, associate dean of student affairs, works closely with the Director of Residence Life Gina DeMart-Kraus and the RA team. Amy feels that “RAs are not only committed to their academics but are also willing to help students get the most out of their college experience.” This willingness to educate and create fun environments for residents was evident in the programs they hostedimage of students making glass art during the fall semester including:

  • Aromatherapy for College Students
  • Time Management
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Cake Decorating Contest
  • The Roommate Game
  • Worry Pets for stress relief
  • Get to Know Thy Neighbor
  • Learn a Late’ about your Coffee
"Resident Assistants provide programming because it enhances the student’s overall experience and supports student success,” Lechko said. “Students who attend programs benefit from the opportunity to meet new people, learn about other cultures and lifestyles, and learn about campus resources, and ultimately, to have fun.”

Ursuline strives to encourage students to clarify their values and provide opportunities for them to grow and learn. As a Catholic institution, Ursuline envisions that students will be active participants in leadership and worship and participate in community building and service learning. Dr. Joann Piotrkowski, campus minister, explores the idea of “service before self” and feels that, “Each of us are called to use the gifts we are given in service of others. I use my gifts here at Ursuline College to offer students opportunities to explore their own gifts and discern how they will use those gifts in the service of others.”

Dr. Piotkrowski and her department offered various community service and service learning projects this past semester including volunteering for Habitat for Humanit, raising awareness of childhood cancer through St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital fundraisers and functions, registering new voters, and collaborating with the Ursuline Sisters in prayer services for migrants and refugees.

As a first year, Special Education major Payton Lovins believes her first semester has been a wonderful experience. She admits “Itstudent at US-Mexico border fence was a hard adjustment for me at first, but with the help of a handful of advisors and campus leaders, I quickly made myself at home.” As a member of First Year to Career, Bowling, Student Athletic Advisory Council and Ursuline Christian Athletes, Payton remarks, “One of my favorite things to do is meet new people, so the programs and events provided here are so beneficial to me!”

Students, like Payton, reflect on the opportunities that are made possible because of the various organizations that dedicate themselves to creating a positive experience for everyone here at Ursuline.  

To view pictures of these student activities, click here

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