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Kathy Rogers Receives Nursing Award

May 09, 2012

Ursuline College Nurse Educator Recognized with National Nurse’s Touch Award

Nurse educator for The Breen School of Nursing at Ursuline College, Kathy Rogers, MSN, RN, has received the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) Nursing Education’s first-ever Nurse’s Touch Award. Nominated by a peer nurse educator at Ursuline, she was specifically selected for her leadership and interpersonal skills as well as her efforts to educate students on stress reduction activities.

“We are honored to recognize Kathy for her commitment to developing communications, professionalism and similar ‘soft skills’ in future nurses,” said Sheryl Sommer, director of nursing education and curriculum at ATI Nursing Education. “Nursing programs have limited time and resources, which means these skills are rarely a top priority in the classroom.” Under her guidance, nursing students at Ursuline College are receiving exposure to abilities that will help them function as leaders of the healthcare team and be a patient advocate.”

“Ms. Rogers is very deserving of this ATI Nursing Education award because she is truly engaged as a member of the nursing faculty and is totally student focused. She readily and willingly contributes to student education as demonstrated by this award,” said Christine A. Wynd, PhD, RN, CNAA, Dean and Strawbridge Professor, The Breen School of Nursing, Ursuline College. “As Dean, in just five short years, I’ve observed Ms. Rogers grow from a brand new instructor to a professional devoted to the current evidence and research that keeps our students moving forward to enjoy the excellent reputation of an Ursuline College nursing education.”

Rogers initially started her career with a different degree in healthcare and then became a LPN in 1989. Accomplishing other degrees along the way, she was a MSN by 2005. She still practices in this area while teaching. A lifelong learner, Rogers eventually pursued her Master’s degree and has been a nurse educator at Ursuline since 2006. For more than 20 years she has specialized in hemodialysis which involves caring for patients with kidney disease. 

“I advise my students to understand the patient in order to be successful. That doesn’t call on book knowledge in most cases, instead it’s taking the clues and pieces of information and using soft skills to help meet the needs of the patient,” said Kathy Rogers, instructor and coordinator of the Nursing Resource Center at Ursuline College. “I am honored to be selected for this recognition and appreciate ATI Nursing Education raising the awareness of nurse educators and the need for increased focus on soft skills.”

Highlights from the nomination included the following:

• Ms. Rogers is deeply committed to providing students with the tools they need to become emotionally, intellectually, and physically able to deal with the stresses they will inevitably encounter. She integrates soft skills daily in the students’ studies and by her example.

• She counsels and supports faculty and students and has a deeply-rooted commitment  to advance interpersonal relationship skills, caring, and compassion in all. She promotes "soft skills" as she seeks and provides students with a variety of effective, interactive learning experiences which promote health, professional behavior and stress management in students.

ATI Nursing Education worked with nurse educators, curriculum developers and psychometricians on a new curriculum for nursing students – Nurse’s Touch™ – which helps students develop the social and personal skills that they will need to become successful nurses. Students learn these “soft skills” through interactive simulations, case studies and tutorials.

For more information on Nurse’s Touch, visit www.atinursestouch.com or view videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/ATINursingEducation. You also can read the recently published white paper: “Soft Skills Research: Aligning Nurse’s Touch with Best Practices.”

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