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Ursuline College featured in NCAA Champion Magazine

November 18, 2013

Ursuline College was recently featured in the NCAA Champion magazine. Below is an excerpt from the article. Read the entire story by clicking here.

They stood there, the three of them, motionless in the morning drizzle, sentries amid the swirl of first responders, and gazed at the rubble. Ursuline President Diana Stano, Athletics Director Cindy McKnight and Kevin Gladstone, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, stared at the innards of their gym, its iron rims and wood floor exposed to the elements after being gutted overnight by a tornado. McKnight’s tears mixed with the raindrops.

Very little of Ursuline’s gym remained after a tornado ripped through campus early in the morning of July 20. The college hopes to replace the 40-year-old building with a more modern facility.
“It was devastating,” Gladstone said. “It was like a dream.”

A celebration had been on the horizon before the skies darkened. On July 12, only eight days before the tornado carved through campus and turned half of the school’s basketball gym into a pile of debris, Ursuline had been accepted into Division II after a three-year transitional period. So rather than gather at the O’Brien Athletic Center outside Cleveland and take a moment to revel in their new NCAA membership, students and administrators spent a September afternoon raising funds in hopes of repairing or replacing the broken facility.

In the meantime, athletics staffers have scrambled to cobble together practice and workout time elsewhere. Two other NCAA schools – John Carroll and Case Western Reserve – have stepped in to lend their facilities. Despite the daily logistical hurdles coaches and administrators must now surmount, their spirits remain unbroken.

“We can rise above this,” Stano said. “Facilities are important, but they’re not what make you successful. It’s the people...”

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