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Students and faculty travel to China

June 26, 2013

From May 20 to June 6 Ursuline students Shirley O’Neil and Lauren Sharnsky traveled throughout China, visiting, among other things, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the birthplace of the Chinese Communist Party and the summer palaces of both the Qing emperers and the Dalai Lamas.

The trip was led by faculty members from two different colleges, Pamela McVay (History, Ursuline) and Zheya Gai (Political Science, Washington and Jefferson) and included seven current students, three family members, and two recent graduates, one from college and one from High School.

This is Shirley’s second trip to China - she got so much out of the 2011 study tour she decided to take the trip again!  Students got a taste of rural and urban China, ate some exciting foods, and had a surprisingly good time drinking yak butter tea.

We all learned that getting acclimated to an altitude of 11,000 feet, but that once you've recovered enough to enjoy them the views are spectacular and that Tibetans are just as friendly as low-altitude Chinese people.

In addition to visiting some of the most famous sites in China, students also met with a partner and an intern at one China’s biggest private law firms, got a lesson on the basis principles of traditional Tibetan medicine from the director of a hospital in Lhasa, and spent a day with Chinese college students in Shanghai touring their university and visiting their favorite night-time hangouts.

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