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International Law and Peer Tutoring at Ursuline: Internship Opens Options

December 05, 2016

By Autumn Hepler '17

An internship with a Chicago company piqued Ursuline senior Helen Jazzar’s interest in international law and also qualified her to assist other Ursuline students hunting for internships.

Jazzar, who has a double major in business management and marketing and is enrolled in Ursuline’s pre-law program, spent last summer in e-commerce acquisition for a company called Zoro. We caught up with her to learn more.

Tell us about your internship. What were some interesting projects you tackled?

As an E-Commerce Acquisition Intern for a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company, I was cross-trained between two departments: Marketplaces and Paid Search. This is a fancy way of saying that I used digital marketing to acquire customers. With Marketplaces, I worked closely with eBay to help implement a global shipping program for the company. I was involved in providing a list of products that were compliant with all the restrictions set forth by each unique country. I also drafted a return policy and customer service script. With Paid Search, I worked closely with Google to create advertisements for my company as well as researching the United States Patent and Trademark Organization for Trademarks within our product assortment.

How did you find out about this position and what attracted you to it?

I found this position through Indeed.com. However, I had many different options for internships thanks to CollegeNetwork.com and a couple of my professors. I thought this position would be a really great opportunity because it was in Chicago and I got to learn about many different areas of business in an e-commerce company.

Was there anyone at Ursuline who was particularly instrumental in the success of your internship?

The Office of Counseling and Career Services played an integral role in my internship experience. Hannah Hardy really helped me refine my resume and help me write effective cover letters. I was really thankful for her help.

You are in the pre-law track at Ursuline.  What are your plans for after graduation?

Currently, I'm all applied to law schools in the United States and am looking forward to attaining my juris doctorate (law degree). Working with international affairs (implementing the eBay global shipping program) during my internship really sparked my interest in international law. As a NCAA student-athlete, I am also interested in sports/labor law and protecting each individual athlete. Using my Canadian background, along with my American education, I am interested in pursuing a career where I have the ability to make an impact. I also may have an opportunity to study abroad in Europe and play soccer, so I'm keeping my options open.

Tell us about your involvements at Ursuline.

On campus I work part-time as a Peer Career Advisor in the Office of Counseling and Career Services. I am goalkeeper and team captain of the Ursuline Women's Soccer Team. I am a member of the Athletic Advisory Board, I am Student Athletic Advisory Committee President, and I am an Intramural Co-Coordinator. I also volunteer monthly at Habitat for Humanity and the Catholic Worker Storefront.

As a former intern and current peer career adviser, what is some advice you would give students who are looking into internships?

My best advice would be to not get discouraged or give up. The reality is, you may not hear back from some employers. There may be candidates with higher grades, there may be people with more volunteer experience, there may others with stronger writing skills, however-these people will never be you. Believe in yourself to embrace who you are and what you can attribute to a workplace. Apply! Apply! Apply!

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