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Sr. Anna Margaret Gilbride

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Condolences: What a lovely woman she was and a gift to me in my life. I met her in the summer of 1969 - the same summer I met Sister Kenan Dulzer. I last saw Sister Anna Margaret when I visited the St Angela Center in October. We enjoyed lunch together and I had a visit with Sisters Florence and Annunciata. I miss my two best friends in your community - Sisters Kenan and Anna Margaret. I will never forget their kindnesses to me and hospitality to me over the years. My two years at Cleveland Hopkins Airport (1978-1980) allowed me a more constant connection with them both. All of you dear Sisters are in my prayers. I often pray to Sisters Dorothy, Kenan and now "James". We will meet again! Love and blessings Fr Wayne Campbell St Monica Church 1001 Camino Pablo Moraga, CA 94556

Condolences: I had only one conversation with Sr. Anna Margaret, at Ursuline's Orientation, but I can say that she left a great impact upon me. She was kind and as sharp as a whip, and I could tell her passion for the students and her happiness at being surrounded by them. I feel terrible that I was only able to have only one experience with her, but I will remember it always. RIP Sr. Anna Margaret.

Condolences: We are very sorry to hear of Sister Anna Margaret's passing...She was a beautiful and loving person and will be missed by many.......While unable to attend the services for Sister, she and the Ursuline community are in our thoughts and prayers. God bless, Bill and Carol Ponikvar

Condolences: I have many fond memories from my years at Ursuline, but those of Sr. Anna Margaret are at the top of my list. I cannot ever remember a day that Sr. wasn't upbeat, positive, funny and so encouraging - not just to me but to everyone. She was a model to me of what holiness ought to be - real, full of life with some mischief and spreading God's love by her spirit, her words, her talents, and her generosity. I still have and treasure the golf bobble head figure of her from some event years ago. Who would have the fun and grace to immortalize herself with a bobble head? Sr. Anna Margaret... I add my feelings of loss but rejoice in all the good that she left us with! Lubos Dunovsky

Condolences: On January 15th I found a framed picture that Sr. Anna Margaret gave me about ten years ago. I gave it to my daughter to hang in her new home and we talked about our memories of her and Ursuline College. She influenced so many people in so many ways that her memory will live forever! Denise & Stacy Borowske

Condolences: I was so saddened to learn of Sister Anna Margaret's passing. I first met her as a student, and she was always so cheerful and loving and helpful. Then when I returned to Ursuline as the Coordinator for Annual Giving, she was a faithful Phonathon volunteer. I'll never forget her smile, or the hugs she used to give me. ~ Kathy McLemore, Class of 1995

Condolences: Hi! My name is Sr. Marie Paule. I am a member of the Sisters of the Most Holy Trinity. I am from Madagascar originally. There are other three Sisters came with me: Sr. Celestine, Sr. Julie, and Sr. Josephine. We attended Ursuline College from 1996 -2002. Ursuline College was like another home to us. All the faculty and staff were wonderful. Sr. Anna Margaret in particular was so good to us. She used to walk in campus and talk to any of us students. She has a nice way of talking to people. I will never forget her beautiful smile and her simple and kindness to us. She will be missed. May she rest in peace. Sr. Marie Paule, O.SS.T.

Condolences: I can't remember a time when I passed Sr. Anna Margaret in the hall that she didn't have a smile on her face and kind words to say. She always made everyone she crossed paths with feel so important, that she was genuinely interested in what they had to say and what was going on in their life. I have many fond memories of Sr. Anna Margaret and her sense of humor. I know that there will be a void in the Mullen hallway without her there. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and all of my Ursuline friends who will miss her smiling face and thoughtful way. Kristy Call

Condolences: Today's wake for Sister A-M was perfect. I could just picture her sweet face smiling down from heaven as so many people shared such heartwarming remembrances. She was one of the kindest women I ever had the pleasure to know. Not to mention funny! And, what an appetite for such a petite gal! One of my fondest memories was enjoying ice-cream sundaes with her and Kevin Gladstone at Malley's Chocolate. The sundae was bigger than her! She had quite an appetite for sweets and an even larger appetite for life. I will miss her dearly. Kimberly Chapman

Condolences: I am so sorry I cannot be there for her farewell. Sr. Anna Margaret was truly one of the kindest, encouraging women I have been blessed to know. As a teacher, her Peace & Justice class changed my whole perspective. Her memory is a blessing. Donna Collins

Condolences: Sr. Anna Margaret was a very friendly sister. She always took the time to talk to us, Malagasy Sisters, whenever she met us at Ursuline. Her lovely smile and humble approach made our years at Ursuline a memorable experience. She understood our situations, being new at an American College, in a foreign country, and not speaking the American language. So she made a stop to talk to us at lunch time. She was one of those who made us feel at home at Ursuline College. Thank you, Sr. Anna Margaret. You will be forever in our hearts. Our deepest sympathy to all the Ursuline Sisters who are always so good to us. From Sr. Celestine, Sr. Josephine, Sr. Marie Paule, and Sister Julie, O.SS.T.

Condolences: In 1968 I was a student in Sr. James Francis' theology class. It was clear that Sister loved what she was teaching and that she loved us! She always overflowed with "joie de vivre." Visiting campus about a year ago, I ran into her, and she still exuded that same joy!

Condolences: Carl and I worked with Sister and Sister Kenan for many years. We are deeply saddened by her death. It is truly our loss and the colleges. With deepest sympathy, Annette and Carl Zaffiro

Condolences: With every fiber of her being, Sister Anna Margaret was truly a "sister." Her compassion, self deprecating humor, and kindness bridged generations. My sympathy to the Ursuline community. Jill Goubeaux Clark

Condolences: I am so sorry to hear about Sr. Anna Margaret Gilbride. The world will miss her, the work she did here on earth for the kingdom of God will be remembered. May she rest in the loving arms of her Lord and Savior and be at peace.

Condolences: Sister James Francis as she was known in the '70s was one of my very favorite's at UC; and being all the way from Texas she was one of the reasons I soon found my home away from home at Ursuline. And no, she never forgot a name and when I returned for a visit every so often she always greeted me so warmly. I loved her and my years at UC very much. Mary Kay Scheurich Yett ’78

Condolences: Sr. Ann Margaret is one of my many special memories of Ursuline College. She was gracious, intelligent, and kind, and truly dedicated to Ursuline. I have not seen her since I moved away from Cleveland in 1980, but she is one of the many individuals I can never forget. I know she is being welcomed home with open arms! Anne Cooper DiGiovanni ’79

Condolences: How well I remember Sister James Francis when she directed the choir at St. Robert's School in Euclid in the mid-1950s, and how loudly we sang out "Resurrexit sicut dixit" at Easter, and how we also so carefully behaved when Archbishop Hoban came to dedicate the church. As a seventh/eighth grader, I delivered a large crate with little cartons of milk to her first grade class each day. She was a caring and wonderful nun with a calm smile in her eyes, and I so enjoyed seeing her in habit at the Serra Masses at the Motherhouse Chapel for the last several years. Now she can sing the Resurrection song to Our Lord Himself. James A. Jaros

Condolences: My condolences to the Ursuline community. Sister Anna was a teacher and friend to many. One memory I have is stopping by her office and taking a piece of hard candy to class. If Sister was on the phone she would wave. My husband's name is James Francis as is our son's and Sister Anna always said we named Jimmy after her. I think it was a sign my friend and husband had the same name back in '75. Sister Anna Margaret you will be missed, but you touched so many lives especially mine. A wonderful woman now is in heaven. Betsy Walters Rodgers '75

Condolences: Although I did not know Sr. Anna Margaret I would like to express my deepest sympathy re: her passing. Like so many other Ursuline Nuns she devoted her life to the service of the Lord and those around her. Now I am sure she is reaping the rewards of a life well lived. May she rest in peace! Rosie (Padovani) Toth '65

Condolences: Saddened when I read this message, condolences to those close to Sr. Anna Margaret Gilbride. She will be missed by all who knew her kind and warm-hearted nature. As a student, we met in the dining hall, when she greeted me and kindly welcomed me to the Ursuline community. Her caring smile was always appreciated.

Condolences: Although I did not have much contact with Sr. Anna while I attended Ursuline, she always took the time to talk with me when I would see her. I would always marvel that she knew my name, and remembered me! Sr. Anna is one of many fond memories of my years at Ursuline College; she made me feel special and she surely will missed by all.

Condolences: Sister Anna Margaret was a warm soul with compassion for others. She was a wealth of information; just ask her the question and she knew the answer. My time at Ursuline was a blessing because of people like her. I could always count on a wonderful smile and a pleasant greeting every time I encountered her. We had great talks. She is definitely one of God's chosen! She will be missed. Stephanie McDuffie ’08

Condolences: My prayers and deepest sympathy to the family of Sr. Anna Margaret Gilbride and to the Ursuline Community. Lesley Lavalais-Jacobs Ursuline College 1988

Condolences: Sr. Anna Margaret had the rare ability - indeed it was a gift - of making everyone she met feel special. After getting coffee on Mullen 3, she would sometimes stop by my office to say hello and to share something funny that had happened on campus. She always ended our conversations by asking about my mom and wishing me well. Those days that began with a visit from Sr. Anna Margaret were inevitably brighter. She will always hold a special place in my heart. Celeste Wiggins

Condolences: I want to send my condolences to her family and to the convent and College for her loss. She was a great teacher and administrator and great inspiration. Renee Jones Weeks, Class of 1973

Condolences: My first memory of Sr. Anna Margaret was shortly after I transferred to Ursuline. She was Dean of Students, and I was impressed with her active engagement with the students. While working on a project one day, we stopped for an ice cream break...she asked if we had Tab (a terrible non-sugared soft drink) so she could make a tab float. Her rationale was that the calories in the ice cream would be offset by the Tab. After that, we had a good laugh every time we brought up our various efforts to lose weight! Today, Sister's lovely niece is my granddaughter's teacher...the Gilbride influence will continue to grace our family. She will be greatly missed by all whose lives she enriched with fond memories. With love from Denise San Antonio Zeman, UC Class of 1974

Condolences: I'm an alumnae of Ursuline College and I will always remember Sr. Anna Margaret Gilbride as a sweet and gracious person. For one of my Sociology courses I wrote a research paper about the Ursuline Sisters and I had the pleasure of spending the day with her. She told me so many stories about the experiences that she had and I also got the chance to talk to her sister. We had lunch and talked and it really was one of the highlights of my experiences at Ursuline. And every time she saw me on campus she gave me a hug and actually remembered my name, which at the time, I thought was pretty cool. She was a wonderful person and I know she will be greatly missed. My condolences to her family and to those that knew and loved her. Camille Copeland (Class of '07)

Condolences: I am so sorry that I am out of town and will not be able to attend any of the services for Sr. Anna Margaret. She was truly a treasure for Ursuline College. She always had a smile for those she met. When I worked at the college if I ever had a question about something I would always go see Sr. Anna Margaret. If she didn't know the answer, she always knew where to find it. Sr. Anna Margaret will be surly missed by the Ursuline College and Ursuline Sisters communities. God Bless her...for we were surly blessed to have her walk with us. JoAnn Grillo

Condolences: What a wonderful friend and teacher. I will miss her forever. I'm sure they welcomed her to Heaven. Sincerely, Gail Slattery Franklin '78

Condolences: I didn't know Sr. Anna Margaret Gilbride as well as everyone else. But when I did get the opportunity to talk to her, she always had a smile on her face that gave me reassurance that everything is going to be okay. She cared about if you were having a good day and she never walked past without saying hello. I am honored to have known such a sweet, kind and gentle woman. It also saddens me that we have lost someone in the community that had such a tremendously loving heart toward everyone. She will truly be missed.

Condolences: Sincere condolences to all of the Ursuline Sisters and also to the entire Ursuline College Community (especially Sr. Diana and others in the President's Office who worked so closely with Sr. Anna Margaret). Sr. Anna Margaret was the first person I met at Ursuline College. I was sitting in the front lobby waiting for Carole Cashion's secretary to come and get me for an interview. Sr. walked by and seeing someone "new," came in to see who I was. WHAT I was "petrified." She was so friendly, and as she was leaving, she told me that she liked my dress! It made my day - not to mention helped me see that I could relax a little. I think she was also the only member of the Ursuline Community that anyone in my family ever met. My Dad came for a brief visit the summer after my Mother died. It was the year that Sr. Anna Margaret's picture (holding a golf club) was in the Sun Messenger as part of a feature on the "hole in one tournament" that we used to have, and he had seen the picture. Dad came with me one day when I stopped in to pick up a few things, and when the elevator door opened on the second floor, she was standing there. He proclaimed in a loud voice (and his Scottish brogue) "The golfing nun!" She laughed and it was a great moment. Sandy Wyper

Condolences: To me, Sister Anna Margaret embodied what is an Ursuline nun, a woman for all seasons, who was interested in the whole person intellectually, morally, and socially. She loved people and her Irishness made her a magnet to all who saw the twinkle in her eyes! I taught school at St. Robert's with Sr. Anna Margaret and Sr. Dorothy Kazel in 1958, imagine the inspiration and privilege!! They have touched my life forever. Thank you St. Angela Merici!!! Marge McKay LaGanke '56

Condolences: My prayers and thoughts are with the Sisters and the entire Ursuline College community today. Sister was the very first religious sister that I knew. She taught my first-grade CCD class at St. Robert's in Euclid. Every Tuesday at 4 p.m., she met us with her wonderful smile...after spending an entire day with 60 other second graders! Her dear and gentle spirit was an inspiration to this somewhat fearful six-year-old. More than 40 years later when I returned to Ursuline to study for my Master's degree in Ministry, Sister Anna Margaret greeted me one day, not only remembering my name, but recalling my younger sister as well! Her beautiful smile endures in my memory, and I'm certain heaven is a bit brighter today because she is smiling there! Blessings, Janet McChesney Patterson

Condolences: I remember Sr. Anna Margaret as one of the teachers at St. Jerome's School when I was just a little girl in primary grades. I never had her as a teacher, but she always stood out at St. Jerome's as one of THE BEST. She was and always will be just that. The last time I saw her was when I went to hear Larry Morrow speak at Ursuline College. She still remembered my twin sister and me as "the twins from St. Jerome's". She even remembered our names, too. Talk about someone making you feel special and important. That's how Sr. Anna Margaret made my sister and me feel. Thank you so very much, Sister, and may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. God Bless. Sharon Steibly Orihill UC '66

Condolences: Sr. Anna Margaret was one of the kindest, warmest and sweetest women I ever had the honor of knowing during my time at Ursuline. Never a day passed when I did not see her during my studies, and I know that she will be missed. God Bless you Sister.

Condolences: Sister Anna Margaret was a true blessing to the Ursuline community! Her thoughtfulness towards everyone just lightened people's day. I remember every time she passed by me she would ask me how my classes were going and would give me a hug to cheer me up. She will truly be missed!!! My condolences go out to her family and the Ursuline community!

Condolences: Dear Ursuline Community, I am very sorry to learn of the loss of Sr. Anna Margaret Gilbride. Since I am a UC'64 graduate, I did not know Sr. Anna, but do conclude her loss is a great one for the community. What a wonderfully talented sister, blessed with all of God's gifts to serve for decades. May Our Lord continue to lead such gifted and talented women to the Ursulines. Sincerely, Virginia White Winchell - UC '64

Condolences: When I entered the Ursuline Community in 1961, Sr. Anna Margaret, then Mother James Francis, was very good to me. I had left my mother and two brothers at home after watching over them for the twelve years since my father died. I will always be grateful to Anna Margaret for helping me work through grief and fear. Christian Madsen, RN, PhD

Condolences: I am very fortunate to have known Sr. Anna Margaret, both as teacher and as a friend. Sister had a special way with students, parents and graduates. Sister never forgot who you were, where you came from and where you were going. Sister always greeted you with a smile and a genuine interest in what was happening in your life. Sister was always considerate of your circumstances and willing to respect your privacy. Sister's prayers were always welcomed and shared with all who came in contact with her. Sister Anna Margaret Gilbride will be sadly missed by many, including myself. I am sure that God welcomed her into His kingdom and has rewarded her for all her efforts here on earth. May God Bless Sister! Fran Pecharka Chiancone

Condolences: My prayers are with the Ursuline family during this time. Thanks to Sr. Anna Margaret for all the wonderful years of service at our school. Although I have been away from Cleveland for a while, I remember her loving smile and caring ways. We love you and thank God for bringing your presence into our lives and sharing your gifts of kindness! Sincerely, Lillian Scott (Class of 1979)

Condolences: Sister Anna Margaret was a kind and devoted religious. No matter what position she had, she did it with excellence, kindness and humor. She was truly a role model for so many. Mary Rose Oakar

Condolences: I made the transition to Ursuline in the Fall of 1976. I wasn't so sure it was a fit but after an immediate friendship with Sister Anna Margaret (Sister James Francis at the time) - UC became my home for the next 3 years and still has a very fond place in my heart. Being involved in student government, I enjoyed many meetings with her and Sister Kenan. Sister always embodied the true welcoming spirit of Ursuline. I am much better person for having known her. My sympathies to her family. Karen DiFranco Carmen Class of 1978

Condolences: This was a woman who by her very being taught me that ministry and life are an interwoven fabric. It was a blessing to have had her in my life. May she rest in the loving arms of the God that she served so well. Terri Pastura ’77

Condolences: May God Bless the family of Sr. Margaret Gilbride during their time of sorrow.

Condolences: Whenever I think of Sr. Anna Margaret, a smile comes to my face. She was a truly genuine lady and people loved to be around her. We should all take note of her zest for life. How many people do you know who have had a "bobble head doll" made for them? She made a positive imprint on the Ursuline community and we are all better people for having known her. She will be dearly missed.

Condolences: I feel so fortunate to have met Sister Anna. Her gentleness, intelligence and love of life and people were evident when she just walked in a room. No words were needed to be spoken. Cheryl Teresi

Condolences: I always looked forward to seeing you in the halls or at the Wasmer Gallery because you always knew my name & made me feel welcomed. What a loss for us & what a gain for Heaven! Rest in peace, Dana Dzurko (Class of 2000)

Condolences: Sr. Anna Margaret will always remain in my heart through her warm smile and kind words. I will miss her dearly. -Christopher Edmonds

Condolences: Where do I begin? This woman showed me mercy, when I did not deserve it, and kindness that changed me forever. She exuded grace because she could do nothing less - it was the overflowing of God's Spirit in her. Her humor was quick and infectious. In class, her expectations were high, but the rewards were true comprehension and application of concepts. She taught us more, however, by her actions. Her demonstrated love of people mirrored her love of God, and His love toward us. Sister was a true example of Christ-like living. Welcome home, faithful servant!

Condolences: You were the face of Ursuline and we will never forget you!!! Rest in peace Sister <3

Condolences: As an Ursuline Alumnae (2000) I remember Sister always graced her presence through the halls of my Beloved Ursuline. She always had a beautiful smile and for me portrayed the true sense of community that the Ursuline Community provides their students. Although I did not know her well I always looked forward to seeing her on campus and her smile and kind hello always brightened my day. I am sure her presence at Ursuline will be truly missed. God Bless those who were close to her and may God comfort you during this sad time. Sincerely, Vera L. Seltzer ’00

Condolences: Sr. Anna Margaret was a wonderful woman whom I got to know while working at Ursuline College. As the Alumnae Director, Sr. Anna Margaret had all the answers to my questions when it came to the history of the College, whether it be about Ursuline or St. John. One of my fondest memories of her was when she came to my office one day to deliver a gift to me. She had found a book titled, "The Tiffany Touch" and she thought since my name was Tiffany; I had to have it in my collection. The book is very old and holds a special place in my heart. It sits in my nightstand next to my bed and every so often I read a few chapters to learn about "The Tiffany Touch." Sr. Anna Margaret was extremely giving and thought of others often, she was a shining example of who the Ursuline Sisters are. I am honored to have known her and get to work alongside her for 6 years. Peace~ Tiffany Mushrush Mentzer ’03, Director of Alumnae Relations

Condolences: I never had a class with Sister Anna Margaret, but I will truly miss seeing her warm and contagious smile around campus! I remember seeing Sister Anna Margaret wave to me from her window as I walked into Mullen during my first year at Ursuline. She will be greatly missed. Lauren Lapp ’12