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My Experience with Glass
by Maggie Stark ’14

Being one of the first in Ursuline’s Community to use Google Glass, I felt privileged to put them on and see campus through Glass. To be honest, I watched a few hundred promotional and Explorer Program Youtube Videos to prepare myself. I hoped that the first time I said, “Ok, Glass” I would do something spectacular.

I won’t lie; I fumbled with adjusting Glass around my hair and ended up taking a few photos of the ceiling. But after a few minutes I asked Glass to store notes and then connect to Facebook, Fieldtrip, Tumblr and Twitter.

Glass technology is certainly innovative. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years we see the general population wearing Glass to work, the grocery store or surfing the internet while waiting in line at Star- bucks. It is very much like Siri, without her talking back. The information I ask for is shown to me in a rectangular projection in my upper, right hand vi- sion. While I was watching a YouTube video on how to make a paper crane over lunch, I could hear the instructions but my neighbors didn’t notice a thing. I’m impressed with the sleekness of the overall interface and how well Glass responds to common language commands.

With that said, since the purpose of the Explorer Program is to test the product, these are some areas that will hopefully be tweaked before Glass is released to the public. Glass, unfortunately, does not connect to Apple products like it does Android systems. I was unable to utilize the GPS navigation and text messaging. Glass battery life is limited; it tends to die within three hours or less of use.

I think the Explorer Program is a great way for Google to jumpstart new applications and expand what Glass can do. Ursuline definitely has a rare opportu- nity to showcase our campus, faculty and students through Glass. We’re a community that encourages all members to utilize their unique vision – and now we have a techy way to do just that!

Food Time. from Ursuline College on Vimeo.

Study Grind. from Ursuline College on Vimeo.