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MBA Director Speaks at Spirit of Women in Business Conference

March 09, 2016
Location: Kent State University

Ursuline’s Executive Director of Business Programs, Nurete Brenner, Ph.D. will be speaking at the 2016 Spirit of Women in Business Conference on March 9 at Kent State University. 

Her talk is titled, How Women are Transforming the World: The Socially-Conscious Economy and Feminine Values

Attendees will discover how the conventional economic tools that worked in the old economy are no longer serving us and a shift is currently underway. This is a shift in the financial architecture, the rules of business, the rules of economic engagement; it is a global shift in consciousness. This shift that is necessary if we hope to create a more socially-conscious economy is often led by women and by feminine values. In this workshop we will explore these economic shifts; we will discuss feminine values and how the economy and women’s issues are interrelated. We will learn about the caring economy and the gift economy which are alternatives to our current models. Local currencies and the ramifications of a universal, basic income will also be discussed. 

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