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Colloquium: Adult Development and Issues of Misogynoir in Social Media and Popular Culture

May 02, 2018
Location: Dauby Hall 201

Lisa R. Brown, Ph.D., to present her findingspicture of lisa brown

Please join us on Wednesday, May 2, 6:00-7:00 p.m., for this colloquium by Ursuline College Faculty Diversity Fellow Lisa R. Brown, Ph.D., who will focus on the contemporary phenomenon of black women’s experiences of “misogynoir,” or various expressions of animus against black women, in direct relationship to black male engagement and racism in the United States. Dr. Brown investigates the supposition of an existing linear upward trend in American racism and black male misogynoir using Spiral Dynamic Theory as the interpretive framework.

The mixed-methods research that undergirds this study is distinct in that it used social media platforms, in-person interviews, and an online survey instrument as means for extracting ingrained prejudice, discrimination, and animus against black women (misogynoir) in US visual and popular culture. Results from this study will be applicable to the expansion of epistemology, particularly theory related to adult development. Additionally, findings can be used to guide educators in their efforts to create academic environments and safe spaces for engaged learning where the erasure or discounting of the voice, vision, and value of black women does not occur.  

The research is being conducted in order to represent how racism in society (as reflected in our American life experiences) can serve to exacerbate racial tension—which subsequently dictates outcomes of discrimination and sexism directed toward black women—and how we as educators and scholars might combat such tropes and praxis.

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