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The Do Something Video Scholarship Contest

The Do Something Video Scholarship Contest is an opportunity for future Ursuline students to show their creativity and passion for making a difference by making a short (up to two-minute) video about how they want to change the world with their Ursuline education. Whether
you want to create a new Cancer-fighting drug, change the face of fashion with your unique sense of style, or simply help a child learn to love reading, we want to hear about it. When you’ve completed your video using whatever equipment is convenient for you (videos will not be judged on film quality), upload to the contest tab on Ursuline’s Facebook page and have friends and family vote on your video. The ten videos with the most votes will be selected as finalists and from the top ten, three winners will be selected by the contest judges to receive the scholarship. A total of three $4,000 scholarships will be awarded via a $1,000 award for four consecutive years. In order to redeem your scholarship, you must enroll full-time at Ursuline College for the fall 2017 term.

You have one month to upload the video and collect votes. The contest will open on Facebook on Sunday, January 15, 2017, and will remain open until 11:59pm on Wednesday, February 15, 2017.

  •       Scholarship opens 1/15

  •       Scholarship closes 2/15 at 11:59pm

  •       All videos must be uploaded and all votes must be cast in that time

  •       You must be admitted by the end of the contest in order to win

  •       Videos can be uploaded via Youtube link

  •       Film quality doesn’t matter, how you want to change the world does

  •       Three students will get a $4,000 scholarship

  •       One of those students could be YOU!

If you have any questions, you can contact Carolyn at carolyn.sorg@ursuline.edu. If you haven’t applied to Ursuline, you can begin your application here and schedule your first visit here!


Why the “Do Something” Contest?

It’s all thanks to a very special woman whose words, written in the 15th century, still resonate with us today.

St. Angela Merici was one of the most courageous and progressive women of her time. She is the founder of the Ursuline sisters and was an advocate for women's education and social justice. Students at Ursuline College live her mission on daily basis - through the education they receive, the activities in which they participate, and the environment in which they become leaders, activists, and trailblazers.

Ursuline College offers a challenging and holistic education that prepares students to be 
nurses, educators, social workers and more. With more than 30 undergraduate and 10 graduate programs, faculty and coursework encourages students to use their careers to give back, making a difference in their field and community. 

If you are compelled to do something, contact theOffice of Admission to speak with a counselor or schedule your campus visit.