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Commencement Day

Commencement (Morning)

  • Graduates need to arrive by 10:15 AM.
  • Graduates need to wear their graduation gown and hood (no caps).
  • Graduates may wear honor cords and academic medals if awarded by Ursuline College only. 
  • Graduates will line up beginning at 10:30 AM. No specific order will be observed (students can march in with friends).
  • Immediately following the Hooding Ceremony and Mass, a class picture will be taken.
  • Leave all personal belongings with your guests (purse, phone, etc.) You will not be permitted to bring personal belongings into the lineup area.
  • All graduates will gather for a class picture – outside if weather permits, an alternative location will be chosen if weather is inclement.
  • Those who attend the Conferring of Academic Hoods are expected to remain for the Baccalaureate Mass.

Commencement Ceremony (evening) 

  • Graduates need to arrive at the Wolstein Center by 5:30 PM.
  • Graduates should enter at Gate D – Prospect Ave. (no guests will be permitted to enter at this gate).
  • Commencement will start promptly at 7:00 PM and last approximately two hours. The lineup will begin moving at 6:30 p.m. You must be in the correct order by this time.
  • Graduates need to bring your robe, academic hood, cap and tassel and any honorary cords given by Ursuline College.
  • Leave your personal belongings with your guests.  No items may be left in the line-up area.

There is no commencement practice as we want to be respectful of time constraints with finals, jobs, children, etc.

Here are instructions for that day:

When you arrive at Wolstein:

· At Gate D, you will be escorted down the steps and backstage to the check in area. You will then see the line to receive your lineup card.  The cards are kept in alphabetical order by last name. Pick up your lineup card. On the back of the card, you will see a lineup number. You will lineup according to that number. Make sure to take your card up on stage with you.

-  Know who is in front and back of you.

-  The opening procession consists of graduates marching around the entire circumference of the arena and into a row. A marshal will count as you enter your row. Keep moving until she tells you to stop.

-  A marshal will release your row when it is time to go on stage.  When walking across stage, first hand your card to announcer, then proceed on stage to get your diploma handed to you in your left hand, then continue across the stage and take a picture with Sr. Chris as you are shaking her right hand.

-  There will be a second picture off the stage. A marshal will guide you over to that photo area.

-  You might not have the same seat when returning – that is fine. Just fill in.



Bachelor’s Degree: If you are receiving your Bachelor’s degree, your tassel should be on the right. After everyone receives their diploma, you will be instructed by Dr. LaFontana to stand up and move your tassel to the left.


DNP or Master’s Degree: You already have a Bachelor’s degree so your tassel is on the left side of your cap as you process in. It remains on the left side. Do not stand up when Dr. LaFontana asks Bachelor’s degree recipients to stand for the tassel switch.


· A marshal will release your row to begin the recession.

· Once backstage, the line will split. January and August grads, you will proceed up the Gate D steps.

· May grads you will go to the diploma table to receive your personal diploma then up Gate D steps.

We will have commencement staff everywhere to help you out and guide you.


Special Needs:
If for any reason, you have any handicap and cannot go up or down steps or are unable to march into the center on your own, please notify Mary Anne Ursick at mursick@ursuline.edu or call 440-646-8320.  She will arrange for any special circumstances needed.

DNP Grads: 

DNP recipients enter the stage carrying their hoods on their right sleeve. A marshal will release your row when it is time to go on stage. You are the first group to go on the stage.  You will give your lineup card to the announcer and then wait at the podium until your name is announced. Once your name is announced, you will proceed on the stage and hand your hood to your committee chair. You will then turn around to face the audience and the committee chair will then hood you. You then proceed over to Jack Newman who will present you with your diploma in your left hand.  You will then then take a picture with Sr. Chris DeVinne as she is shaking your right hand.  Dr. Sharpnack will be at the top of the ramp as you exit and will also shake your hand.  From there proceed down the ramp and to your seat. 

Commencement Day Attire
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