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Color Your Corner

Ursuline College is once again partnering with local non-profit organization Color Your Corner to makeover a child’s room. The Alumnae Association, three Ursuline students, a Board of Trustee member and a faculty member are all helping this project become a reality.

This past fall, we met Jaida Shantery and her family who are the recipients of the new room. Jaida is 4 years old and shares her room with her 8 year old sister Zoey, they love being together and love anything with bright colors, polka dots or zebra print. Jaida has Spina Bifida and with her new room, she will be able to be more independent as she grows.

Channel 19 Room Makeover Story

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Jaida’s Bedroom Makeover Team:
Teri Herrmann Corletzi ’90, Board of Trustee
Constance Korosec, Ph.D., Chair of Fashion
Tiffany Mushrush Mentzer ’03, Director of Alumnae Relations
Anne-Marie Gurko '09, Alumnae Specialist
Samantha Hamilton, Fashion Design student
Stephanie Pratt, Art student
Maggie Stark, Art student

Student Blogs:

Maggie Stark, Art Student
I think the Color Your Corner project is a great chance to help a family in need of some desperate renovations while incorporating classroom ideas and skills that I have learned from my Art Classes. Jaida and her sister seem absolutely thrilled with our design concepts and utterly grateful to have us redecorate their room! I am very excited about all of our ideas so far! I absolutely love including recycled and re-found objects to create new and repurposed material! I cannot wait to help design a one-of-a-kind canvas painting with the girl’s names on it! I am particularly eager to see the finished product! I’m hoping to really utilize my design elements & principles to really make this room flow together!

Stephanie Pratt, Art Student
I participated in Color Your Corner with Ursuline last year and absolutely loved it! These projects have given me a chance to use my skills in a way that I never would have imagined while being able to help out children who truly deserve and appreciate it. I am able to combine my love for design and my love for helping others through this opportunity and have been touched by the experience. After meeting Jaida and her family I got even more excited about the project! They are all so fun and wonderful people. I love that Jaida is so full of life and such a fun-loving girl. Jaida and Zoey are so excited for this project so I feel that it is a great motivational tool for the rest of us. The girls love bright colors and patterns, which is definitely something I was excited about. I love the idea of accent walls and bright contrasting items for the girls! It has been awesome watching our ideas evolve and to see all the pieces that we have been able to choose from. I am personally a fan of fun accents and details so the idea of headband holders, fun bulletin boards and 3D flower decals are super exciting!I can’t wait to work on Jaida and Zoey’s room and to see how it all comes together! I feel really great about this project and can’t wait to see how the girls react when they see the finished product!