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Riley's Ramblings - First Entry!
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March 15, 2011

This is my first blog as Director of Development at Ursuline. While I have served as an adjunct professor in the graduate program in educational administration since 1982 and in ministry since 1991, I have only been full time on the College staff for five years. This blog is called “Riley’s Ramblings” because each week I will be offering you some of my reflections on what is new and what is old here at UC. 

I am a Catholic Church historian both by training and love and so I often do little research projects and often they relate to Ursuline. I just finished doing a little exploring (including reading the drafts of Sister Anna Margaret’s long anticipated history of Ursuline College) and I found out that we are celebrating some exciting anniversaries this year. In this blog I will concentrate on some of the academic “beginnings” and “firsts” during the Ursuline and Saint John College years that end in a 1 or a 6.

Did you know that in 2011 we celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Saint John College Division of Nursing. In 1946, Bishop Hoban and Monsignor Robert Navin, the second President of Saint John College, responding to a growing interest in collegiate education in the preparation for nurses, established the Division of Nursing with Sister Mary Edith, C.S.A. as the first Director of the Nursing Division with Dorothy Brickner as her assistant. This is an anniversary that I think we should celebrate this year!

In 1956, Ursuline added a major in dramatics to its curriculum; in 1971 the first course in computer education was offered. In 1976, Father Thomas Chambers, C.S.C. was brought on board as the College’s first Vice-President for Academic Affairs. He served in that position until 1989 when he became the President of The College of Holy Cross in New Orleans.  

The 1980’s were a banner decade for graduate education at Ursuline College. In 1981, the Graduate Studies Department was inaugurated with Sister Diana Stano, O.S.U. serving as its first director. Sister Kenan Dulzer, O.S.U.,  who was serving as President at that time, recognized the need for the development of a graduate program in educational administration to prepare lay people to serve as principals in Catholic schools. This program had to be unique and geared specifically for leadership in Catholic schools where the development of a faith community is paramount. Sister Diana was named Director of this, the first of Ursuline’s graduate programs. The first five graduates of this program received their degrees in 1985.

Five years later a new graduate program was established. Sister Kathleen Burke, O.S.U. was named the first director of the Masters in Art Therapy in 1986. This was the only program of its kind in Ohio at that time. Its graduates have gone throughout the country, and the world, making an impact on the sick, the lonely, the dying, the estranged, those ravaged by natural disasters or by human violence and many others who have needed comfort and support.

In 2001, Ursuline inaugurated its Teacher Apprentice Program (TAP) in conjunction with University School. This program prepared its students, who already had a bachelor’s degree, to become teachers. TAP has since become MAP (Masters Apprenticeship Program) and continues to meet the same need.

Our Graduate Division is thirty years old!  In addition to Educational Administration, Art Therapy and MAP, Ursuline now offers graduate degrees in Ministry, Liberal Studies, Historic Preservation, Nursing, PASE (Programs for Advanced Studies in Education) and Business. There are graduates in each of these programs in positions of leadership and service throughout Ohio and beyond.  We need to celebrate these 30 YEARS of GRADUATE EDUCATION!!!