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Academic Advising

Academic advising at Ursuline College is a partnership between a student and an advisor with the goal of working together so that you will successfully complete your degree.
  • Academic advising is an important dimension of your entire college experience. In addition to assisting you with any academic issues including the scheduling of classes, your academic advisor offers you individualized academic counseling which includes discussion of future plans including graduate education and/or career direction.
  • Your academic advisor is usually a faculty member in your major. Several staff members also serve as academic advisors. You are notified of the name of your advisor shortly after you begin your first semester at Ursuline. You are encouraged to contact your advisor by phone or email soon after you receive this notification to set up an introductory meeting. 
Be involved! 
  • You are encouraged to schedule (and attend) advising appointments at least once a semester.
  • You are encouraged to be actively involved in the advising process by being prepared to discuss your goals and educational plan during your meetings with your advisor. It is recommended that you bring a list of questions to appointments and ask questions if you do not understand a topic being discussed.
  • It is very important that you review your degree completion plan and audit sheet each semester and track your progress towards completing your graduation requirements because you are the one who has the primary responsibility for your academic decisions based on available information and advice. 
Don’t Wait until It’s Too Late!
  • You can always locate the name of your advisor by selecting the Students tab in MyUrsuline.
  • For general assistance with advising and scheduling questions and concerns, contact the staff in the URSA office, MU 306 and MU 312: Sr. Virginia DeVinne, vdevinne@ursuline.edu, 440-684-6018 or Dr. Barbara Huff, barbara.huff@ursuline.edu, 440-646-8398.