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Ursuline’s Business Division offers the following majors:

Business Management
Sports Management
Management Information Systems
Public Relations and Marketing Communications
Sport Management

Ursuline’s Unique Approach

Ursuline’s MBA Bridge Program gives you the opportunity to obtain both a bachelors and master’s degree in just 5 years. This curriculum also includes an Accounting and Financial Planning track.

You’ll gain real-world experience through Ursuline’s internship and cooperative education programs. If you major in Public Relations & Marketing Communication majors, you’ll be placed in two different internships customized to your own career goals with help from an advisory board of industry experts.

Your classes will be a blended mix of traditional liberal arts with applied and theoretical classic and contemporary business practices, where discussion is based around gender dynamics and women in leadership. You’ll learn why 30% of a recent list from
Forbes of rising women business stars is graduates of women’s colleges like Ursuline.

If you choose to double or even triple major in various business offerings, you can! This enhances your job placement opportunities.

Coursework in business ethics offers you a competitive edge in a marketplace in which “integrity” is the #1 skill employers say they seek in new hires.

Business Management

The Ursuline Business Management curriculum focuses on building leadership skills, while educating students on ways to analyze and solve an array of management problems found in business. This program puts a strong emphasis on both writing and oral communication skills. Graduates typically work in business, government and non-profit organizations. Ursuline College receives specialized accreditation for the business programs from the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

While obtaining a degree in Business Management, students will be introduced to many different business disciplines such as Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Sport Management. Graduates entering the workforce have many opportunities available in positions such as management, sales, purchasing, marketing, marketing research, labor relations, and employee benefits.

“Some classes that really intrigued me were Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior, because both are relatable to the real world. This makes the classes more enjoyable for me because I can reflect on my own personal experiences to fully understand the content being taught.” - Abby Collins '17


As an accounting major students will become equipped with the skills to provide reliable and timely data for financial and management decision-making. With this rigorous curriculum, students will be introduced to business disciplines such as economics, law, marketing and finance. Ursuline Accounting program is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

Accounting majors are required to take 18 hours of upper level accounting courses. 
To sit for the Ohio CPA exam, you’ll need 150 semester hours of college credit. Ursuline Accounting students can take advantage of the MBA Bridge program, earning an MBA at an accelerated pace while completing the hours needed for the CPA exam.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

MIS graduates learn to bridge the gap between technology and business, and become skilled technology specialists who are comfortable solving problems. Students will be exposed to various technologies involved in modern business industries. These industries include networking, applications development, hardware, systems software, databases and project management. Ursuline prepares MIS graduates for careers as Business Analysts, Help Desk Support Specialists, Web Developers, Business Intelligence Analysts, Systems Analysts, and in roles such as technical support, applications development, help desk and end user support.

The 45 credit hours required for this major span blend coursework in computer technology, business, economics, and math. 
Students in the MIS major will be exposed to many different areas of technology, business and social media. With personalized time dedicated to each student, students can customize their career path and explore many different avenues within the major. The MIS curriculum stresses teamwork and collaboration. With the combination of technology and business, students are required to think critically on a daily basis.

In efforts to accommodate all Ursuline MIS students, classes are available both day and evening, giving students options and flexibility within their schedule.
 In order to complete the program, an internship is required. Internship opportunities include working with surrounding companies such as Sherwin Williams, Progressive Insurance and Ernst & Young.

“Ursuline is a big part of where I am today. Because of the MIS program I am now working full time in the IT department at Sherwin Williams. It also helped me to improve my confidence and to reach for my dream. Ursuline helped me connect with the Professional Apprentice program at Sherwin Williams. After I graduated they hired me."
Jessica Meisel '14

Public Relations and Marketing Communications

Uniquely housed in the Business Division, the PR and Marketing Communications major offers courses in public relations, business, written and oral communications and technology. 
With a degree from Ursuline College in Public Relations and Marketing Communications, students are not only associated with one of the best undergraduate PR programs in the region, but are equipped with the knowledge and techniques necessary to analyze and solve complex issues within organizations.

The Public Relations and Marketing Communications major is recognized by Public Relations Society of America, the national accrediting body that oversees professional ethics, conduct, and professional education.

In the PR and Marketing Communications major students will receive specialized attention from instructors and award winning faculty members who have years of industry experience.

Students have the option of obtaining a Social Media Communications Certificate of Proficiency. Since technology is always evolving, curriculum provides opportunities for applied and lifelong learning and includes courses such as Visual Communication Design, Writing for Public Relations, and Research Analysis and Messaging Strategy. The capstone course offers a hands-on social media project, working for a real non-profit organization. 

PR and Marketing Communications majors are required to complete two internships. The program’s Advisory Committee, comprised of real-world PR and Marketing professionals, is charged with finding internship opportunities catered to fit each student’s specific interest.

With a 100% job placement rate, this program offers the flexibility and freedom a student needs to explore different avenues within PR and Marketing Communications, tailored to fit each student’s interest.

The Public Relations Degree I received from Ursuline College has helped me build relationships with clients of my small business and gain exposure to audiences using topics of interest via social media. The Public Relations degree was a great compliment to my Graphic Design degree, and has helped me become more versatile in the work arena and Marketing Industry." -Amanda Lott, Owner, Lotts of Design

“I wouldn’t be here without having been at Ursuline first. I needed a nurturing environment; transferring from a big college into Ursuline, my grades and confidence skyrocketed. I truly felt like I had a team of professors that were rooting for me.” Liz Ambrose, Brokaw Ad Agency

On award winning faculty member and department chair, Laura Hammel: 

“Hammel stands out among Greater Cleveland Chapter members due to her advocacy for students and young professionals in the classroom and beyond. In addition to revising the curriculum at Ursuline College based on business standards presented by local industry experts, Hammel exposes students to a variety of curricular and extra-curricular public relations experiences that guide and shape the way they advance in the profession far beyond the classroom.”  - Courtney L. Clarke, APR, Chair of the 2013 Hill, Lighthouse, Young Awards

Sport Management

The sport industry is estimated to be a $300-$400 billion a year industry, which leaves students with a Sports Management degree many opportunities for employment. Your classes will include Business Law, International Business, Sports Finance, and more, and you’ll have the foundation to pursue a career as an Athletic Director, Sports Agent, Sports Manager, or in fields such as stadium and arena management, sports marketing, sports broadcasting and promotion, recreation management and sporting goods manufacturing.

Ursuline's Sport Management program is unique in that you will automatically earn a dual degree in Sports Management and Business Management. By taking 3 additional courses, you'll earn a degree in marketing as well.

While attending Ursuline, Sports Management majors have had the opportunities to intern with large organizations, including the Cleveland Barons hockey team, the Lake County Captains, the Cleveland Browns, and the Cleveland Indians.