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While official credit evaluations are completed at the time of application, Ursuline provides many resources for you to estimate how your courses will transfer when you take the leap to UC. With an undergraduate population that is 50% transfer students and partnerships with the area’s most prominent Community Colleges, Ursuline provides many avenues for students to receive credit for their hard work. All college level courses taken at regionally accredited institutions with a final grade of a “C” or higher will transfer to Ursuline. To determine how these courses apply to your Ursuline degree requirements, please use the tools below.

The Transfer Credit Tool is an online database of classes from various colleges and universities and their Ursuline equivalent. To use this tool, have your course department and number ready. Once selected, the tool will automatically show which Ursuline course the original course satisfies. You can look up multiple courses and even export your list to a PDF when you’re done. You can access the tool here.

To determine which courses you must complete to earn a degree at Ursuline, please select your major from the list below. You can then download the Audit Sheet of that degree, and use it as a checklist to determine where you are at in the process. Please note that you also must complete the Ursuline Studies core curriculum (the first link in the list).

Ursuline Studies Core Curriculum

Accounting Fashion Design Religious Studies 
Art Fashion Merchandising      Social Work
Art Therapy (with Master's Bridge)     Historic Preservation  Sociology
Biochemistry History Sociology: Criminal Justice
Biology Humanities Sport Management
Business Management Marketing Visual Communication Design
Chemistry  Mathematics 
Education: AYA Language Arts Nursing    
Education: AYA Life Science Philosophy    
Education: AYA Mathematics Political Science    
Education: AYA Social Studies Pre-Law    
Education: Early Childhood Pre-Med    
Education: Middle Childhood Pre-Pharmacy    
Education: Special Education Psychology    
English  Public Relations and Corporate Communications    

If you are a Cuyahoga Community College, Lakeland Community College, or Chatfield College student, you can find more information about our partnership with your current school, as well as information about which credits will transfer, here.