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Ursuline Athletics @Ursulinearrows   Congratulations to all of our new softball recruits who have joined the program! http://www.ursulinearrows.com/news/2014/6/16/SB_0616145719.aspx

The Importance of a Liberal Arts Education from Ursuline College on Vimeo.


Academic Affairs at Ursuline College, including undergraduate and graduate degree PROGRAMS, the Ursuline Studies Program, the Besse Library, Computer Information Services and the Wasmer Gallery, seeks to develop the intellectual, spiritual, aesthetic and social dimensions of our students.

At Ursuline we pride ourselves on providing degree programs with the following characteristics:

  • high-quality, maintained through continuous assessment;
  • values-based, encouraging students at all levels to recognize and confirm their values;
  • dynamic, responding in both content and formats to the needs of students, businesses and communities;
  • outcomes-based, resulting in skilled graduates who can make an impact on their professions and their communities.
Both undergraduate and graduate programs foster leadership development and social responsibility in their students; in both, the focus is on student learning and excellent teaching. Students learn in classes taught by faculty members and academic excellence is, at all times, our goal.

The Besse Library, Computer Information Services and the Wasmer Gallery partner with, and otherwise enhance, the program areas to provide additional resources to students to enable them to reach their educational goals. Each area enriches the liberal arts environment of the College, contributing in its own way to the development of the student's whole person and to the student's success in life.

Each year at the Academic Convocation for new students, a speech is given regarding the value of liberal arts at our College. If you'd like to read this year's version, given by Natalie Kertes Weaver, Ph.D., associate professor of religious studies, please click here. To read my speech from last year click here.

Visit me in my office in Mullen 322 most days from 8 AM to 5 PM, or email me at jpodis@ursuline.edu. You may also view my profile on http://ursuline.academia.edu/JoAnnePodis.

JoAnne Podis
Vice President, Academic Affairs

Higher Learning Commission Mark of Affiliation