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Leading a Legacy: Ursuline College Strategic Plan 2017-2020

A committee of administrators, faculty and staff developed Leading a Legacy, defining a 10-year strategic direction, focusing on four strategic priority areas and laying out action steps to be addressed through 2020 for each of the four areas.

2027 Strategic Direction
Ursuline College will be recognized throughout the region as a women-focused college whose programs and community partnerships support an emphasis on women in leadership. We will refine and adjust our program portfolio on a continuing basis, centering on health care-related and other dynamic programs and directed toward providing a recognizable return on students’ investment. With effective implementation of these approaches, enrollment will grow substantially while we retain our personalized approach and maximize each student’s potential for success.

2017-20 Strategic Priority Areas
  • Women-Focused Institution
  • Program Portfolio
  • Marketing and Recruitment
  • Retention and Graduation
Women-Focused InstitutionFemale Fashion Student
As a leader in women’s education, refine our curricular and co-curricular activities, and develop a range of community partnerships, to provide our students with knowledge, skills, and experiences to foster their growth in leadership.

Action Steps

  • Implement professional development on women’s leadership
  • Audit all programs for women's leadership focus
  • Develop a women’s center focused on research on and services to women, including web presence, partnerships, speaker series, and student scholars program
  • Develop and assess a plan for daycare
  • Explore pay scale
Program PortfolioGrad Nursing students doing practice exams
Revamp our portfolio by building on our health care-related and other dynamic programs, adjusting our remaining programs, and supporting our students in their leadership development.

Action Steps

  • Review the appropriateness and strengthen the effectiveness of the academic program decision-making process
  • Prune the number of current undergraduate majors and graduate programs
  • Create a process so that all new programs receive internal review and decision within 90 days
  • Develop a strategic process for creating college partnerships and community-based advisory boards
  • Investigate the College identification/name
Marketing & RecruitmentUrusline Arrows Basketball Players Cheering
Develop and implement a marketing plan that leverages our women’s focus and our health care-related and other dynamic programs to recruit from targeted geographic areas to grow enrollment substantially.

Action Steps

  • Conduct market research study on community awareness 
  • Develop and implement a marketing communications plan to build awareness and boost enrollment 
  • Build early relationships with potential students through activities with selected schools
  • Expand relationships with employers to increase enrollment and philanthropy
  • Conduct micro-searches to support recruitment
  • Conduct a review of pricing strategy to assess advisability of flat tuition
  • Complete renovation of science labs
Retention and Graduation
Enhance our campus environment and our use of human, technological, and financial resources to improve student retention and graduation rates substantially.

Action Steps
  • Offer first year Pell persistence grant
  • Create competitive residential halls
  • Improve Ursuline’s technology footprint
  • Create a Student Union space
  • Expand work study and student work on campus