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Benefits of a Women's College

Why a Women's College?

Driven, focused and intellectual women find their fit at Ursuline College - the only college in Ohio that focuses on the education of women. 90% of our undergraduate students are strong, empowered women who are interested in changing the world – some locally and others globally. Ursuline students are artists, activists, mentors, difference-makers, athletes and scientists.

Ursuline students graduate with a strong sense of their values, voice and vision. We know that women who experience our kind of higher education make up more than 20% of the women in Congress and 30% of women identified by Businessweek as rising stars in corporate America. Research tells us they are more likely to become entrepreneurs, leaders in male-dominated fields and get into graduate school than women who choose co-ed colleges.

According to the Women's College Coalition, research shows that students attending a women's college enjoy these five benefits:

  1. They are given the opportunity to participate more, in and out of class, due to small class sizes which create a more positive learning experience because of greater individual attention.
  2. They have measurably higher levels of self-esteem than other achieving women in coeducational institutions and 9 out of 10 women's college graduates give their colleges high marks for fostering and developing self-confidence.
  3. They get greater satisfaction than their coed counterparts from their college experience academically, developmentally and personally.
  4. They are more likely to graduate, and more than twice as likely as graduates of coeducational colleges to earn doctoral degrees and to enter medical school.
  5. They earn more after graduation because they often choose traditionally male disciplines, like the sciences, as their academic major, in greater numbers. Women's colleges continue to graduate women in math and the sciences at 1.5 times the rate of coed institutions.

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