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Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships provide much needed funding for many deserving students who seek an Ursuline College education. Many scholarships are named in honor or memory of alumnae and friends of Ursuline. You may make a gift to any of these scholarship funds by clicking Make a Gift, in the left column menu, and indicating in the Comments section of the form that opens which scholarship endowment fund you wish to support.

If you would like more information regarding the endowed scholarship program, please contact Richard Konisiewicz, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, at richard.konisiewicz@ursuline.edu or 440 646 8124.

Here is a current list of endowed scholarships:
  • Alumnae Endowed Scholarship
  • Jean Barclay Armstrong Endowed Scholarship
  • Anna Venera Aveni Endowed Scholarship
  • Mildred P. Bach Endowed Scholarship
  • Mary Anne and James D. Barry Endowed Scholarship
  • M. J. & J. G. Breen Endowed Scholarship
  • Constance Fulgenzi Buran Nursing Endowed Scholarship for Academic Excellence
  • Capitol Alumnae Group Endowed Scholarship
  • Peter P. Carlin Endowed Scholarship for Education
  • Peter P. Carlin Endowed Scholarship Fund for Educational Leadership
  • Jeanne Castrigano Carfagna & Margaret Eileen "Maggie" Castrigano Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
  • Dr. Shyamala Chitaley Endowed Scholarship
  • Martin and Mary Cipar Endowed Art Scholarship
  • Sister Mary Stephen Curran, O.S.U. Endowed Scholarship
  • Antoinette Trivisonno De Leo Endowed Emergency Fund for Nursing Students
  • Agnes Gaertner Diederich and Norman F. Diederich & Angela Gaertner Jilek '35 Endowed Scholarship
  • Ethel Doran Brickel Dindia Endowed Scholarship
  • Helen R. Dineen Endowed Scholarship
  • Rita B. Doherty Endowed Scholarship
  • Raphael and Dorothy Dominquez Endowed Scholarship
  • Leona Auth Douttiel Endowed Scholarship
  • Duffin-Ferrara Endowed Scholarship
  • Sr. Kenan Dulzer and Edward and Sophia Dulzer Endowed Scholarship
  • Mary T. and Howard J. Farrell Endowed Scholarship
  • Fashion Group International of Cleveland Endowed Scholarship
  • Amelia A. Wiltrack Fakner Endowed scholarship
  • Margaret Dempsey Fayen and Rosemary Dempsey Endowed Scholarship
  • Joseph M. Foley, MD Endowed Scholarship
  • Avery Friedman Human Rights Endowed Scholarship
  • Ursula and Adelaide Gallagher Endowed Scholarship
  • The GAR Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Sister Colman Gayer, O.S.U. Endowed Scholarship
  • James B.Goff and Eleanor Giantonio Goff Endowed Scholarship
  • Mr. and Mrs. John B. Graves Endowed Scholarship
  • Mary K. Herrick Endowed Scholarship
  • Carolyn Van Huffel Guarnieri Endowed Scholarship
  • Frank and Frances Giunta Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Gordon E. and Barbara H. Gustafson Endowed Scholarship
  • Hayes, Jamieson and Seavers Families Endowed Scholarship
  • Florence A Hangach Endowed Scholarship
  • Paula and Joan Harkulich Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Healy Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Sr. Michael Francis Hearon, O.S.U. Endowed Scholarship
  • Joe Herman Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship
  • Thomas and Mae Foley Morrison and Bernice Morrison Hopkins Endowed Scholarship
  • Sr. Killian Hufgard Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Graham Hunter Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • Margaret A. Jarc Ministry Endowed Scholarship
  • Alan Krulak Endowed Scholarship for Students in Community Service
  • Alice and Fred Lamphier Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Likly-Wittman Endowed Scholarship
  • Sr. Mary Cecilia Manning, O.S.U. Endowed Scholarship
  • Masters in Ministry Endowed Scholarship
  • Stephen and Mary Mayor Endowed Scholarship
  • Monisgnor Charles W. McDonough Endowed Scholarship
  • Elizabeth FitzGerald and Loretta FitzGerald McMahon Endowed Scholarship
  • Nancy H. Miller Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
  • Richard and Caroline Miller Endowed Scholarship
  • Mother Marie Sands, O.S.U. Endowed Scholarship
  • Patricia H-F Moore Endowed Scholarship
  • Monsignors Joseph T. Moriarty and Basil Haren Endowed Scholarship
  • Muhitsch Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Hedy Mulhausen Chemistry Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Lorie Molnar Nalley Memorial Scholarship
  • Rev. Joseph R. Nearon, S.S.S. Endowed Scholarship
  • Carol Cerney O'Connell Endowed Scholarship
  • Grace K. O'Donnell Endowed Scholarship
  • Marian J. Oliver Endowed Scholarship
  • F.J. O'Neill Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Thomas J. O'Reilly and Katherine M. O'Reilly Endowed Scholarship
  • Hector Ortino Endowed Scholarship
  • Outstanding Scholar Award Endowed Scholarship
  • Francine McAllister Panehal Endowed Scholarship
  • Helen Gray Reith Endowed Scholarship
  • Denise San Antonio Zeman Honorary Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Jean and Robert Seaton Endowed Scholarship
  • Francis P. Ryan and Irene D. Ryan Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Mary Bernhardy Schloss Endowed Scholarship for Fashion 
  • Schoonmaker-St. Vincent Charity Endowed Scholarship
  • Marie M. Schoonmaker Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • M. Pauline Tekesky Endowed Scholarship
  • Frank A. and Olga S. Ternansky Endowed Scholarship
  • Sheehan-Townsend Endowed Scholarship
  • Sister Mary Charlotte Trenkamp, O.S.U. Endowed Scholarship
  • E.J. and L.W. Siegwarth Endowed Scholarship
  • Smyth-DeVinne Endowed Scholarship
  • St. John College Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Margaret Troughton Lechowick Endowed Scholarship
  • Carol Waggoner Endowed Scholarship in Palliative Care
  • Helen Patton Walsh Endowed Scholarship
  • Catherine H. Welsh Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Dorothy H. Zak Endowed Scholarship
  • Anthony & Mary Ziska and Family Endowed Scholarship

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I feel blessed to have received Ursuline Scholarships which immensely lessened my load of loans. I am grateful to those who established the scholarships I received and made my education at Ursuline College possible.
- Mary McPherson '08

As the mother of two boys under age 2, I am not able to pursue my career as a teacher. Receiving this scholarship allows me to work on my Master's degree and maintain my teacher's license until I can return to the classroom.
- Mary Ruminski

By being awarded scholarships my dreams of receiving a top notch education in a supportive and caring environment came true. I am thankful for the scholarships that helped me come to the school of my choice, and grow into the person I've wanted to become.
- Samantha Scholtz '09

Without the scholarships I received here at Ursuline I would not have been able to attend college. The scholarships not only helped my financial situation, but also recognized my hard work and dedication.
- Sara Ilko '09

Ursuline's philosophy of values, voice and vision is the foundation for everything they do. Their philosophy has become my philosophy as I use the knowledge and wisdom gained here to make a difference. I know, without the generous scholarships I received, I may have grown intellectually but not with the passion to make a difference in this world we live in.
- Meghann Hess '09

"It is my decision to establish a scholarship fund in my will in the name of my mother, Dorothy Phillip Zupancic, to provide scholarships for female African American students. It is with gratitude to the Ursuline Sisters that I make this designation and with deep affection for my mother, Dorothy. Education is the key to one's future. My dear mother, knowing that, was my major source of encouragement in the decision regarding my higher education. The Ursuline Sisters were the caring instrument that brought me to womanhood. I entrust this gift to them."
- Lorna Kay, Heritage Society member

My daughter, Paula, was profoundly retarded and in her lifetime she was unable to be of service to others as all my other children did. Before dying of cancer in 1992, Paula received excellent palliative nursing care at Hazelton Hospital. During my own graduate studies I discovered that there were few scholarships for graduate nursing students. When Ursuline began its graduate program in palliative care, I knew that I could honor Paula's memory by creating an endowed scholarship in her honor for students in the Ursuline Palliative care graduate program. I am so glad that I did. Now Paula does help others.
- Joan Rosskopf Harkulich '53SJ

I was so touched a few years ago that two Ursuline nursing students, financially unable to continue in their education, dropped out to earn money in order to afford the next few semesters. I wondered if they would ever come back and I thought, "What a loss to the nursing profession!" I remember that when I was in nursing school at Saint John's, there was no way that I could have worked and gone to school. Given the dire need for nurses and the finances of many nursing students, I created an endowed fund from which students could borrow.
- Toni Trivisonne DeLeo '53SJ

As a physician, my husband Gus was very aware of the need for nurses and their special skills and, before his death in 1995, we discussed creating a nursing endowed scholarship. When I was a students at Saint John's, I was graciously gifted with the Bishop Hagan Scholarship. Our scholarship seeks to repay in some way that generosity. In doing so, we recognize the "giants" of Saint John College like Sisters Edith and Bernice, Msgrs. Haren, Navin and Moriarty who encouraged and demanded the best from us. It also recognizes Ursulin's commitment to continue and advance the legacy of Saint John College in its own striving for excellence.
- Barbara Gibson Gustafson '55SJ

We know that college costs are high and many students cannot afford to attend without assistance. Our endowed scholarship is meant to make Ursuline's excellent education affordable to more students.
- Jean and Robert Seaton