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Wheelchair Access on Campus

The accessibility of each building on Ursuline's College campus is described below. For more information about the locations of these buildings, please click to download the Campus Map.

Mullen Academic Building 

Handicapped parking is available in the North Lot off of Lander Road. There are automatic doors at the entrance to Ralph M. Besse Library off the North Lot and through the main entrance on Lander Road. An elevator is situated in the south wing of Mullen. A chair lift is available to the Mullen computer lab. Wheelchair access to Dauby is through Besse Library breezeway. Pilla is accessed through Parker Hannifin, Dauby Science, or Sr. Diana Stano Athletic Building, which all have elevators.

Besse Library

Ralph M. Besse Library has an automatic door and elevator access to classrooms BL1, BL2, the Media Center, and faculty offices. 

Dauby Science Building

Handicapped parking is available at the North Lot or in front of the Parker Hannifin building, which connects to Dauby. 

Parker Hannifin Center for the Creative and Healing Arts & Sciences

Handicapped parking is available in front of the building. An elevator is available.

Sr. Diana Stano Athletic Center

Handicapped parking is available in the front of Parker Hannifin. An elevator is available. 

Pilla Student Learning Center and Dining Area

Handicapped parking is available in the lot across from the building. Pilla has an automatic door at the entrance, along with ramps to the atrium and an elevator. 

Grace Residence Hall

An elevator is available. 

Smith Residence Hall

Handicapped parking is available at the front door. The residence hall also has an elevator and a suite with accommodations. 

Wasmer Gallery

A ramp on the northeast entrance enables wheelchair access to Fritzsche Art Center and Studio. 

Fritzsche Art Center

A ramp is available to the second floor into the Art Studio. Elevator at the end of Fritzsche first floor hallway gives access to the Art Therapy Studio on floors below Art Studio. Students must be accompanied while using this route. 

Daley Hall  (top floor of Fritzsche)

Elevator access is available through the main entrance of the Ursuline Educational Center to the Fitness Center.