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Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition Refunds for Dropping a Class


Once the semester begins, courses must be dropped or added in writing by the student.  Drop/Add forms are available in the Student Service Center, and need to be signed by both the student and their advisor.  Athletes will also need the Athletic Advisor signature before the class can be dropped.


If you are receiving financial aid, it is always a good idea to see if a change in your enrollment will affect your aid eligibility so that you can make an informed decision before you drop a class.


Dropped courses will be assessed a tuition charge according to the following schedules:


Tuition Refund Schedule for Dropping Full Semester Courses


1st week:     100%
2nd week:      80%
3rd week:      60%
4th week:      40%
Beyond 4th Week:     0%

*Summer Semester refund policy differs, please contact us for this information.

Tuition Refund Schedule for Dropping UCAP Courses


1st week:     100%
2nd week:      50%
Beyond 2nd Week:    0%

*For adding/dropping UCAP courses and/or questions on the refund policy please contact the UCAP office at 440 684 6130.


Please Note:

Refund for other classes of varying lengths are based on the percentage of the class attended.  Please see the Schedule of Classes and Information document on the Registrar webpage for more specific information.