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Room Lottery

ROOM LOTTERY – TBD, 2019 Grace Formal


Fast Facts!


What is Room Lottery?

· This is your opportunity to keep your current room or choose a different room for next year.


Why do I have to be at Room Lottery?  What do I do?

1.   Complete a Residence Life Survey

2.   Sign a housing contract for 2019/20

3.   Verify you are keeping your current room OR pick a new room for next year, 2019/20


Can I send someone in my place to room lottery?

You can send a representative to act on your behalf. However, you must still sign a housing contract to secure your space in the halls for 2019/20.

Your representative’s choice is valid. Please be explicit when instructing your representative.


Do I have to pick a new room in the same hall I am currently living in?

· No. You can pick any room that is not occupied in Murphy or Grace Hall.

· You can choose a suite in Smith only if you will be junior or senior level student, or have lived on campus for 4 semesters, and have at least 2 other students that you will be living in the suite with.


Can I pick a single room?

· Those currently in singles get first priority if they choose to “squat”, or keep, their space. Anyone who does not squat their space, or who is graduating, will release their single and it will be open and available to pick. Specific single rooms will be known at Room Lottery. There will be floor plans to view that show which spaces are open.


Can I pick a single room in Grace Hall?

· No. At Room Lottery the only single rooms that will be made available are the ten designated single spaces in Murphy Hall on the first floor; rooms 102-111. 


What if my current roommate and I both want our space but we do not want to be roommates next year?

· I would hope you can settle this amicably but if not, we have a very technical process; drawing straws!


What if I do not “squat” or keep my room and someone else picks it at Room Lottery. Can I get my room back?

· No. You have until the stated deadline to squat your room. If you do not squat your space per Room Lottery instructions, your space will be made available at Room Lottery.


How do I pick a room if I don’t have a roommate? My current roommate is leaving or wants to room with someone else.

· You can choose a single OR

· You can find a new roommate OR

· You can pick a room alone and have a roommate assigned to you.


What if I am not sure if I am coming back to the halls? I might get a house off campus.

· You can pick a space to ensure that you have the space you want with who you want to live with. You will sign a contract but will have until July 1, 2019 to notify Gina DeMart-Kraus, Director of Residence Life, that you no longer need housing on campus. After July 1, 2019, you will be held to the Housing Contract and the terms therein.

· You do not have to choose a space at all. If you decide later you need a room, you will choose from what is available.


If you have questions please contact:

Autumn Hepler, Assistant Hall Director for the Office of Residence Life

Gina DeMart Kraus, Director of Residence Life