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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I find out who my roommate is?
Incoming students that wish to live on campus should pay the $100 housing deposit in addition to the $100 acceptance deposit. Once the housing deposit is paid, Admissions will mail housing paperwork to the student.
Anticipated Room and Roommate Assignments for Fall 2018 will be July 20, 2018. Once assignments are made, this information is sent via students' personal email addresses, and Ursuline email addresses.
If you have questions about housing, please email Gina DeMart-Kraus, Director of Residence Life, at gdemart@ursuline.edu.  
When can I move into my room?
Please also see "Important Housing Dates"

Move-in for NEW RESIDENTS is Saturday, August 18, 2018, between 9am-12pm. New students are to arrive at Grace Hall (regardless of room assignment) to check -in with Residence Life Staff. Additional details about move-in and Orientation can be found by clicking here: ORIENTATION

RETURNING STUDENTS may move in on Sunday, August 19, 2018, between the hours of 12 noon - 5pm.

Residence Life respectfully asks students to arrive on the scheduled move-in day, and at the scheduled move-in time. This is a busy time and our teams are working hard to  prepare your welcome and move-in. Anyone arriving prior to the scheduled move-in time, or on a different day, may not be able to enter the halls until the scheduled time.  We appreciate your cooperation in helping to make your arrival fantastic!

Is there cable in my room?
Yes. The College provides basic cable service in each room in Grace and Murphy Halls. A cable box and remote are provided. Basic cable is provided in the living room area only in Smith Hall. Residents are responsible for providing their own TV. 

Do I need extra long or extra deep sheets?
No. Standard twin size sheets.

How much space is under the bed?
There is generally about 13” of space underneath the residence hall beds when positioned on the lowest rung (this information comes in handy for storage). When the mattress is raised, there is generally 23” of space underneath. 

Who lives on campus?
65% of our new traditional aged students live on campus. 78% of our residents are first and second-year students.

How safe is Ursuline's campus?
Residence halls are locked 24 hours a day for the safety of our residents. Ursuline College employs security personnel 24 hours a day.

How much is room and board?
The 2018/19 room rates are:
    $5,506 for the year for a DOUBLE ROOM $2,753/semester
    $8,142 for the year for a SMITH SUITE $4,071/semester
    $8,702 for the year for a SINGLE ROOM $4,351/semester

The 2018/19 board (meal plan) rates are:
    $5,270 for the year for the FULL (aka "standard") meal plan $2,635/semester
    $4,838 for the year for the *PARTIAL meal plan         $2,419/semester   
    $5,724 for the year for the **EXPANDED meal plan $2,862/semester  

*Partial meal plan is available to junior, senior and graduate residents living in Smith Hall only. Second year (sophomore) residents in Smith Hall may not opt for the partial meal plan. 
**Expanded meal plan is available to any resident student.

How do I sign up for a meal plan?
All resident students must have a meal plan. Students should indicate on their housing contract which meal plan she/he wishes to purchase or, you may contact the Director of Residence Life, Gina DeMart-Kraus, to indicate your preference. If no preference is indicated, students will receive the full meal (board) plan. 

      • The full meal plan consists of 175 meals each semester + 325 "aux points".
      • The partial meal plan is only available to Smith Hall residents who are juniors (3rd year+) or seniors, and graduate students who live in Smith. 
      • The partial meal plan consists of 110 meals each semester + 475 "aux points".
      • The expanded meal plan consists of 195 meals each semester + 425 "aux points". 
Food service is provided by Metz Culinary Management at Ursuline College. 

What if I want to change my mind about which meal plan I choose?
Students have the first fourteen (14) days in the semester to change their meal plan option. You must notify Gina DeMart-Kraus no later than Tuesday, September 4, 2018, if you wish to change from the full meal plan to the expanded or from the expanded plan to the full plan. 
Students also have the option to request a meal plan change for spring 2019 semester.

Can I park on campus?
Any student may have a car on campus. You must register your car with Residence Life and at the Student Services Center, Mullen 203. 

How big is my room?
A room in Grace Hall is approximately 10'x14', Bedrooms in Smith Hall are approximately 10'x 11' and a room in Murphy Hall measures approximately 11'x15'. Rooms on the third floor of Murphy are carpeted. All rooms in Grace Hall and the first and second floor rooms of Murphy Hall are not carpeted. You may bring an area rug or carpet for these rooms. 

What should I use when hanging my favorite poster or decorating my room?
We recommend using 3M brand strips and adhesive to hang posters and decorations. You may not use the following: Duct tape, wallpaper, contact paper, paneling, tacks, nails, screws, and adhesives (including two-sided tape and DUCT tape). Ceiling cover of any kind is not permitted - including tissue paper, wrapping paper and/or foil covering. 

Will I have internet access in my residence hall room?
Each resident has access to the Ursuline College network. There is at least 1 internet port in all double rooms. Residents need to provide their own Ethernet cable. The approximate length recommended is 25'. 

What about wireless access to the internet?
The Information Technology Department, in conjunction with Student Affairs, has provided wireless access points throughout all three residence halls. You do not need to provide your own access point. Students will simply need to join the wireless network, "UCGUEST".  

You may not hook up a wireless router in the residence halls. Additionally, WIFI access is available in Pilla Atrium, Dauby Science Center and the Mullen Commuter Lounge.

Can I bring Fido or Fluffy?
The only pets permitted in the residence halls are non-carnivorous fish in a properly maintained fish bowl (2.5 gallons or less, no motor, no filter). Fish bowls are limited to one per room (with the agreement of the roommate) in Murphy and Grace Halls. In Smith Hall, residents are permitted to have fish bowls up to the amount of occupants in the suite. The only animals allowed in the aquarium are fish (no frogs, turtles, snakes, lizards, crickets, grasshoppers, etc). Fish must be removed from residence halls during all breaks (if neither of the occupants have registered to stay for break). Because of public health regulations, pets (other than fish), are not permitted in the residence halls under any circumstances including a brief visit. A fine of $25.00 per day, per pet, is assessed to any resident who possess a pet. Residents may also be fined if an exterminator is needed to remove fleas.

If I lived on campus fall semester, can I decide to move off campus for spring semester?
The housing contract is for the entire academic year. By signing a housing contract, the student agrees agrees to pay for room and board for the full academic year. If the student's occupancy commences after the beginning of the academic year, payment will be on a pro-rated basis.

What will my mailing address be while I am away at college?
Your Name
2550 Lander Rd.
Residence Hall - Room Number
Pepper Pike, OH 44124

What are visitation hours?
Visitation hours are as follows:
Sunday through Thursday 10 AM - Midnight
Friday and Saturday 10 AM - 2:00 AM
Ursuline College does not have a curfew.

What are the requirements to live on campus?
The following is the list of requirements one must meet to be eligible to live within the residence halls:
  1. Registered for the current semester as a full-time student.To be considered a full-time student one must carry at least 12 undergraduate credit hours or 9 graduate credit hours.
  2. Undergraduate students must be 17-23 years of age at the time of entry to be eligible to live in undergraduate housing.
  3. Any undergraduate, full-time student over age 23 may only live in Smith Hall.
  4. Graduate and second degree students can live in Smith Hall if space permits. There is not an age limit for graduate and second degree students.
  5. No disciplinary sanction which specifically prohibits living in the residence halls.
  6. Good financial standing with the College.
  7. $100 initial deposit to reserve a space, payable to the Ursuline College.
  8. Residence Hall Contract and Emergency card must be signed prior to moving in the residence hall. Student will be held to the terms of the contract for the entire academic year and will be expected to abide by these terms.
  9. Meningitis and hepatitis disclosure form signed prior to moving into the residence halls.

Exceptions to the above requirements may be made by the Director of Residence Life. Ursuline College does not provide married student housing or housing for underage children.

Murphy and Grace Halls are designated for undergraduate housing. Smith Hall is for upperclassmen and graduate students. 

Who do I contact to find out more information about living on campus?
Please feel free to contact the Residence Life Office at (440) 646-8334, or email at gdemart@ursuline.edu with questions.