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Thoughts About the Position from Current Ra's
Alyssa Curtis
The things I have experienced and the situations I have encountered as a RA has made a tremendous impact on me. I have learned many valuable life lessons such as how to work as a team, taking a leadership role, and gaining better time management skills and impeccable organization skills. I have also been rewarded with having the ability to influence numerous lives, making many new friends, becoming more mature, responsible, and gain more wisdom and understanding.

Kelsie Kirchartz
One question I never get tired of answering is "What’s an RA?" from friends and family. I am proud to tell people that this is what I do at Ursuline. I know that being an RA has helped me to grow into a better person and has shaped me into a leader. This position has provided me with opportunities and challenges that I know will impact my future by making me more ready to handle situations. It has also taught me the importance of having a strong team and being a team player. Besides the fact that this job has given me experience that I think will help me as a future nurse and an adult, it’s fun!

Molly Sabolsky
Being an RA has changed my life! It has given me the opportunity to be a difference in the lives of my residence and give them a positive experience at Ursuline College. I have learned to work with all different types of people.  It has given me experience that will help me for future jobs. I have learned to be a better leader, a better public speaker, and more cognitive to the needs of others.