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Thoughts About the Position from Current & Past RA's
Sarah Kiefer
As an RA, I have had the opportunity not only to serve my community, but to make lifelong friendships with  my teammates. Being so involved on campus has made my time at Ursuline a wonderful experience! As an RA I have learned so much about how to effectively communicate with others, mediate conflicts, actively listen, and provide support and resources to my peers. This experience has helped my growth as a person, and allowed me to have lots of fun along the way! 

Anna Schumm
Becoming an RA was easily one of the most unexpected and rewarding decisions I have ever made. Upon accepting the position I was pushed to come out of my shell and as a result, so many doors have been opened to me. I have become more accepting of a diverse population, learned how to empower my residents to make their own decisions, and gained knowledge in regards to handling difficult situations. As I have sought out internships, employers become more interested when they see that I am a Resident Assistant. This position is synonymous with team work, dedication, creativity, and good time management, all of which are valuable to any future career field. Being an RA is more than a job; it's a way of life, one that permeates through everything you do.

Amber (Banks) Covington
I have greatly benefited from the RA position because ultimately my time as an RA provided me with a better understanding of myself and how I respond to a number of scenario’s, ranging from crises’ to networking, to giving presentations, etc. Being an RA was a gateway to some of my ongoing friendships, my desire to go to grad school, and my interest in Student Affairs. If you take the job seriously and carve out the experience you want to take from it, then the position won’t just be “Some thing I did when I was in college.” It will always be worthwhile to you.

Amber graduated from Ursuline with a BA in Fashion Design and Merchandising. She went on to pursue her Master's Degree in Student Affairs and Higher Education from Miami University of Ohio.  Amber is currently employed with the University Innovation Alliance at Arizona State University. 

Kelsie Kirchartz
One question I never get tired of answering is "What’s an RA?" from friends and family. I am proud to tell people that this is what I do at Ursuline. I know that being an RA has helped me to grow into a better person and has shaped me into a leader. This position has provided me with opportunities and challenges that I know will impact my future by making me more ready to handle situations. It has also taught me the importance of having a strong team and being a team player. Besides the fact that this job has given me experience that I think will help me as a future nurse and an adult, it’s fun!

Kelsie graduated from Ursuline with her degree is Nursing. She is currently employed by the Cleveland Clinic.

Molly Sabolsky
Being an RA has changed my life! It has given me the opportunity to be a difference in the lives of my residence and give them a positive experience at Ursuline College. I have learned to work with all different types of people.  It has given me experience that will help me for future jobs. I have learned to be a better leader, a better public speaker, and more cognitive to the needs of others.

Molly graduated with her Nursing degree from Ursuline. She was employed as a full time nurse at the VA. Molly has recently decided to take a leave from her full time position in order volunteer as a missionary through her church. She  will be traveling abroad for this mission work, which includes assisting as a nurse in the area she is travelling to.

Above: Fall 2016 RAs.