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RA Recommendation Form

Two recommendations are required:

  1. Ursuline College professor or staff member &
  2. Former employer
*You have the option of submitting a third recommendation from an Ursuline student who knows you well

Recommendation Form - Resident Assistant Position

The Resident Assistant, or RA, is a fellow student who has been selected and trained to assist in maintaining a living environment that is fair to all and conducive to studying. The RA is expected to know the residents, be familiar with College policies, and be available when needed. The RA serves as a facilitator of community development through programming, positive role modeling and building relationships with other residents. RAs are required to respond to crisis, be knowledgeable of campus resources, make appropriate referrals, address policy violations, mediate conflict and complete duty rotations. Finally, RAs are expected to assist and communicate community concerns to the Director and Assistant Director of Residence Life.

Your Name:

Your Title:

Your email address:

Name of RA candidate you are recommending:

How long have you known the candidate?

In what capacity have you known the candidate?

Please assess the RA Applicant on the following (1 being poor and 5 being exemplary). If you do not know or have not have experience with this student on a particular point, indicate "N/A":

Communication Skills
Relationship with peers
Team Player
Building Relationships

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability:

Please describe why you feel the candidate would be a good resident assistant.

What strengths would the candidate bring to the position?

Why have you enjoyed interacting/working with this candidate?

Any additional comments regarding the applicant, her/his skill set or ability to perform as an RA?