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Qualifications for Hiring
The application process is closed at this time. Please check back again in late December, 2018!
Applications can be submitted online and are due by Friday, January 25, 2019. 
RA Applicants must a 2.5 GPA and have lived on campus at Ursuline (or another college) at least one semester

The hiring team will be looking for the following qualities and experiences from the candidates:

  • Leadership Experience? Students applying for the RA position are expected to have some leadership experience on campus or in the community. They should be able to talk about how they define leadership and describe what they have learned from their experiences.
  • Understanding of RA position? Candidates should have a clear sense of the job responsibilities of the resident assistant (community building, duty, meetings, programs, peer counseling/advising). Candidates should have a clear understanding of the time commitment required by the RA position and should be able to express a plan for adjusting their commitments to be able to meet the time requirements.
  • Customer Service? RA's are often asked by students to do things that they feel are menial and that students should be able to do themselves, put in work orders, talk to their roommate. It is important that an RA be able to approach even the most menial task with a positive and helpful outlook and be able to show his/her care and concern for the individual. Therefore, candidates should be able to discuss their idea of customer service and any experience they have with helping others even when it is difficult.
  • Interpersonal Skills? Candidates should be able to give examples of how they interact well with a variety of other people. They should be able to discuss their interactions with people of different races, ethnicity, abilities, and sexual orientation. They should also be able to demonstrate how they successfully handled a conflict with another person.
  • Energy and Excitement for the Position? Candidates should be able to articulate why they are excited about the possibility of being an RA and share what strengths they can bring to the position. Candidates should exhibit some level of energy and enthusiasm during the process.