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Personal Counseling

Counseling provides students a safe, confidential place to work through individual challenges and stressors that may interfere with a student's academic success. The primary goal of counseling is to help individuals build upon their strengths and enhance their ability to address issues of life or personal adjustment. The role of the psychologist or counselor is to clarify the nature of the concern, offer support, encourage a deeper understanding of the issue, provide information and guidelines and work towards a problem-solving solution. Ursuline College Counseling's mission is to help students to help themselves to succeed in life.

Counseling Services are available to all enrolled Ursuline College students. The number of visits is determined individually, but individual counseling is limited to brief therapy. We provide a short term, time limited approach. Appointments generally last for one hour. When a problem will require extended services, the student will be referred to appropriate community or private agencies. A follow-up session will be offered to help the student adapt college demands to treatment needs.

To schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Anita Forsberg Culbertson at aculbertson@ursuline.edu or call 440 646 8323. If she is not available, contact Maureen Klein at mklein@ursuline.edu or 440 646 8379. If neither are available call the Office of Counseling and Career Services at 440 646 8322 or if it is an emergency, dial 911.

More Information

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Current Emergency and Crisis Policy

Every effort will be made to assist students who are experiencing a crisis or emergency situation. The college will make every effort to contact an appropriate staff person by phone or pager. Students should note, however, that the college cannot guarantee phone or pager can reach the individual at any time nor that the phones and pagers will be free from technical problems. Neither the college nor the individual assumes any liability based on the carrying of a phone or pager for emergency situations. Ursuline College provides limited psychological services on a part-time basis. If the psychologist or counselor is not available, please refer to the sections on "How to Refer" and "Crisises".

Students' Concerns

Feelings such as fear, anger and sadness are a normal part of life. Understanding thoughts and feelings are an important part of knowing who you are. Most of us like to think that we can handle our own difficulties, and usually that is true. Sometimes we encounter problems, which seem beyond our abilities to cope. It may be stress, academic or personal, a period of transition, perhaps a loss or just a time when thoughts and feeling are overwhelming. Some of the following may indicate that it would be helpful for a student to talk to mental health professional:

  • Experiencing the stress of balancing the demands of school, family and work
  • Feeling isolated or alienated and wanting to belong
  • Marked anxiety, restlessness, and inability to concentrate or relax
  • Marked decrease or increase in appetite or sleep patterns
  • Loss of interest in formerly pleasurable or meaningful activities
  • Strong feeling such as depression, worthlessness or extreme guilt
  • Crying for no apparent reason
  • Wanting to harm yourself or others
  • Strong mood swings
  • Unusual thoughts
  • Racing thoughts or repetitive behavior
  • Disturbing patterns in dreams
  • Having trouble getting along with a close companion
  • Having trouble getting along with family member
  • Wondering where you are going in life


Counseling most often involves sharing personal and private information by clients with their therapist. Recognizing this, statutory laws and ethical guidelines require that information shared is confidential. There are some exceptions to this confidentiality. If there is evidence that a person poses a danger to harm self and/or others, confidentiality will not apply. Any measures necessary to protect a person will be taken. In the cases of abuse of a minor, and other cases involving abuse or neglect, the law requires reporting. A court can order that information be released. Of course, if the client wishes communication between the mental health professional and another person, this permission can be given by filling out the appropriate forms in writing.

Cancellations and No-Shows

Keeping appointments is very important. Personal commitment to counseling is crucial for success. If you must miss a session, please call the Counseling Center at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Failure to keep three scheduled appointments will result in referral to outside agencies.