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Experiential Education takes place in a work setting where the student has the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge.

Participation in this program will help students make intellectual connections between the workplace and the classroom by engaging in the learning process through hands-on experience.

Employers benefit from working with qualified and motivated students who have the potential to become a significant asset to the company.

Students may become involved in Experiential Education opportunities during their sophomore year to determine the type of internship opportunity which best suits their course of study and long-term career goals.

Ursuline students have been successful in a great variety of internships. View a presentation covering the different types of experiential education available at Ursuline College and testimonials of recent Ursuline internship students and employers' experiences by clicking on the link "Jobs and Internships" on the left side of this page.

Prospective Students and Employers: please contact Gerri Jenkins at Gerri.Jenkins@ursuline.edu if you would like to learn more about internship opportunities at Ursuline College.


Student Checklist
Internship Learning Objectives
Experiential Education Agreement (.pdf)

Weekly Time Sheets (.pdf)
Site Visit Checklist (.pdf)
Midterm Evaluation (.pdf)
Employer Final Evaluation of Student (.pdf)
Student Final Evaluation of Site (.pdf)

Internship Guide


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