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Career Mentoring Network

Are you a sophomore, junior or senior?

Would you like find out what it's really like to work in a hospital surgical unit, to work as a school psychologist, to develop marketing materials or to ____? You fill in the blanks with the career that interests you! The Career Mentoring Network can help you to meet a professional who is working in a field or career that you would like to learn about. It can give you contact with those working in careers, professions or jobs that you may seeing in your future. You will be able to ask questions and bring up issues about work, family, graduate school, different professional opportunities and almost any other topic on your mind.

The relationship with a mentor is different from the one you might have with a teacher, classmate, parent, supervisor or anyone else with whom you interact.

Your mentor has agreed to help you to understand what choosing a certain career would mean and to share experiences and personal opinions with you. She or he can talk about what "it's really like" to work on a design project, in a pediatric ward, for a nonprofit organization, for an art gallery, etc. She will try to help you to understand how to prepare yourself for a specific career, or graduate school and how you would apply. Your mentor is a guide, a helper, a partner and your own personal career coach as you learn about the world and yourself.

Flexible and "user friendly" are probably the best ways to summarize The Career Mentoring Network at Ursuline College. Additional options for you to explore are "E-mentoring" and "Musical Mentors". Any and all majors including those who haven't yet declared a major are especially encouraged to apply to the program.

For more information, you can listen to our webcast or contact, Maureen Klein, at 440 646 8379 or mklein@ursuline.edu.

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