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Sister Diana @uc_pres   Whatever our vocation-married, single or religious-we have the opportunity every day to be faithful. It can be thankless but do it anyway.
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Science FIRST - Program will not be offered Summer 2012
Science FIRST Application
Summer Pharmacy Camp - Program will not be offered through Ursuline College Summer 2012
Summer Science Enrichment Program - Program will not be offered Summer 2012

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School of Arts and Sciences | Humanities
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School of Arts and Sciences | 2010 Pharmacy Summer Camp
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School of Arts and Sciences | Political Science
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School of Arts and Sciences | Pre-Law
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Barbara Good, E.D.M.
Business Administration
Business Administration Career Opportunites
Business Administration Curriculum
Business Administration Faculty
Business Administration Featured Links
Dr. Debra L. Fleming, MBA, CPA
Inge Schmidt, Ph.D.
Laura Hammel, Ph.D, M.A, A.P.R.
Marilynn Butler, Ph.D.
Rob Verner, Ph.D.,
Tony Cafarelli, Ph.D.

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Admission Requirements
Candidate Performance Data
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Kathryn Tuohey
Mary Jo Cherry
Teaching Faculty
Teaching Resources

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Continuing Education
Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement
Online Continuing Education
Reading Endorsement
Teacher Leader Endorsement

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Fashion News
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Jennifer Knaus
May Beard
Susan Powers

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Bedrock for Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation - Visit us on the web
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Historic Preservation Curriculum
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National Council for Preservation Education Standards

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Interior Design
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Management Information Systems
Management Information Systems Career Opportunites
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Laura Hammel
Public Relations and Marketing Communications
Public Relations and Marketing Communications Career Opportunites
Public Relations and Marketing Communications Curriculum
Public Relations and Marketing Communications Faculty
Public Relations and Marketing Communications Featured Links
Public Relations and Marketing Communications Videos

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Alum Highlights
Kathleen Cooney
National Association of Social Work Awards
Sharon Wilson
Social Work
Social Work Admission Criteria
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Social Work Organization
Social Work Phi Alpha Honor Society
Social Work Scholarships and Aid
Strengths of the Program

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Sport Management
Sport Management Career Opportunites
Sport Management Curriculum
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Academic Scheduling and Forms
Department Updates
Graduate Programs
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Academics - Art Therapy & Counseling
Amy Jacobs
Art Therapy and Counseling
Art Therapy and Counseling Admission Requirements
Art Therapy and Counseling Career Opportunites
Art Therapy and Counseling Curriculum
Art Therapy and Counseling Faculty
Art Therapy and Counseling Featured Links
Art Therapy and Counseling Scholarships
Diane Meros
DoHee Kim-Appel
Gail Rule-Hoffman
Katherine Jackson
Kathleen Burke
Megan Seaman
Service Learning Trips
Upcoming Events

Art Therapy Curriculum
Art Therapy Curriculum
Thesis Process

Academics - Graduate Business Programs
Business Career Opportunities
Business Course Descriptions
Business Faculty
Business Featured Links
Center of Excellence
Evening MBA Curriculum
Executive MBA Curriculum
Graduate Business Admission Requirements
Graduate Business Programs
Health Services Management

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Educational Administration
Educational Administration Admission Requirements
Educational Administration Career Opportunites
Educational Administration Curriculum
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Educational Administration Tuition Aid and Fees
Liberal Studies Scholarships
Praxis Testing Information

Academics - Masters - Historic Preservation
Beyond the Classroom in Northeast Ohio
Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation Admission Requirements
Historic Preservation Career Opportunites
Historic Preservation Curriculum
Historic Preservation Director's Page
Historic Preservation Faculty
Historic Preservation Featured Links
Historic Preservation Opportunity Knocks!
Historic Preservation Resources
National Council for Preservation Education Standards

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Liberal Studies
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Tim Kinsella

Academics - MAP
Breakthrough Charter Schools
Edna West
Jane Hayman
Lois Buck
Master Apprenticeship Program (MAP)
Master Apprenticeship Program (MAP) Admission Requirements
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Master Apprenticeship Program (MAP) Faculty
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Ohio Assessment for Educators
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Urban Teacher Residency Placement

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Elizabeth Meacham
George Matejka
Hear From Our Students
Linda Martin
Lisa Marie Belz
Ministry Admission Requirements
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Ministry Faculty
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Ministry Tuition Aid and Fees

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Master of Arts in Education/PASE
Master of Arts in Education/PASE Admission Requirements
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Elizabeth Meacham
George Matejka
Hear From Our Students
Linda Martin
Lisa Marie Belz
TAPS Admission Requirements
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TAPS Faculty
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TAPS Tuition Aid and Fees
Theological and Pastoral Studies

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Sustainability and Spirituality

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The Breen School of Nursing

Academics - BSN Degree
BSN Degree
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Nursing Admissions Requirements Checklist

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Accelerated BSN Program for Second Degree Students

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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Future Students
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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)

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Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP)
Program Details

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Aprille Haynie
Bonnie Fellows
Connie Beal
Constance Bruening
Debra Elam
Denise Crowther
Janet Baker
Karen Link
Kathleen Rogers
Kimberly Dillon-Bleich
Laura Goliat
M. Murray Mayo
Mary Beth Zeni
Mary Lind Crowe
Michelle Borland
News and Accomplishments
Noel Santa
Patricia Sharpnack
Rebecca Mitchell
Regina Prosser
Sandra Stratman
The Breen School of Nursing Team
Theresa Washington

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Student Nurses of Ursuline College (SNUC)

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Meet Our Team
Meet Our Team
Meet Our Team
Meet Our Team
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Admitted Future Arrows: You're In, We're Thrilled!

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Cuyahoga Community College
Kent State University
Lakeland Community College
Transfer Partners

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Adult Nursing

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Adult Programs

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Crystal Award Winners
Distinguished Educator Alumnae Award Winners
Distinguished Nursing Alumnae Award Winners
Distinguished Social Work Alumnae Award Winners
Gonzaga Medal Winners
Notable Alumnae
Reunion 2015

Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Technology

Author Events
Author Events

Avery Friedman

Best Closet In Cleveland
Best Closet In Cleveland

Beyond the BSN: Transitioning Your Nursing Career

Board Movie
SDS Board Presentation

Bridge Programs

BSN in 3

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Campus Resources
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CIS Staff
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Find an Expert
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Florence O'Donnell Wasmer Gallery
Gallery History
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Campus Climate Survey
Campus Climate Survey

Meet Our Team

Center of Excellence
Center of Excellence

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Cleveland Clinic Employees

College Prep
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College Prep

Color Your Corner
Color Your Corner

Baccalaureate Mass and Conferring of Academic Hoods
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Creative Arts Day
Creative Arts Day

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Current Students

Dancing Arrows

Meet Our Team


Do Something
In the words of St. Angela Merici...

Meet Our Team

Evening With UC
An Evening with Ursuline

Faculty and Staff
Faculty and Staff

Faculty lecture series
Faculty Lecture Series

Future Students
Future Students

Graduate Studies
Undergraduate Nursing

Groundbreaking 2013
Groundbreaking 2013

Student Handbook 2014-2015

H.E.L.P. Malawi

Higher Learning Commission
Higher Learning Commission


HLC Only
HLC Only
Supporting Documents

Criterion Five
Criterion Four
Criterion One
Criterion Three
Criterion Two
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Connect with all things Ursuline.

International Students
Immigration Forms
International Students
Tsinghua Partnership

Iota Psi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau

Italy 2013
Italy 2013

Katie Spotz
Katie Spotz


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Archives Hours
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Reserve Forms
Suggestions for Effective Library Assignments
Suggestions for Effective Library Assignments
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The Sister Dorothy Kazel Global Awareness Center

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Media Center
Media Center
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Linedrives & Lipstick
Linedrives & Lipstick

Live Your Dream
Live Your Dream

Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
Mathematical Association of America (MAA)

Marketing Materials

Sr. Anna Margaret Gilbride

MSN Comments
Your thoughts?

Naples Fashion Show

Online Learning
Online Learning

Online MBA
Online MBA - Master of Business Administration Degree

Parents and Families
First-Year Parents
Parents and Families
Prospective Parents

Planned Giving
How do you want to be remembered?

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico

Random Acts Of Kindness
Random Acts Of Kindness

The Ursuline College Rebuilding Campaign

Residence Life
Residence Life

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Divisional Assessment Goals
Inclusion, Equity and Multicultural
Office of Counseling and Career Services
Residence Life
Student Activities
Student Affairs Assessment


Site Map
Site Map

Sneak Peek
Senior Sneak Peek

Sister Diana Well Wishes
Sister Diana Well Wishes


St Nicholas
St Nicholas

Strawbridge Symposium
Strawbridge Symposium

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Campus Ministry
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Meet the Chef
Tell Us
Welcome to Ursuline College's Dining Services

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Academic Inspiration for Minority Success (AIMS)
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I Am Ursuline
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Inclusion, Equity and Multicultural Affairs

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For Students
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About Ursuline
Parent Resources

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How to open your mailbox in Smith Hall
Important Housing Dates
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Life in the Halls
Packing Tips
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Residence Life
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Student Service Center
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Student Activities
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Student Organizations

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First-Year Student Parents
Orientation Team
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FOCUS: for Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD
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Meet Our Staff
Program for Academic Success
Strategies and Skills for Effective Learning
URSA Student Success Office
Ursuline Resources for Success in Academics (URSA)
Wheelchair Access on Campus

Student Research Symposium
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Student Research Symposium

Students Welcome
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Info
Financial Aid Information
Health Insurance Opportunities for Students
Students Welcome!

Endowed Scholarships
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The Paris Wife
The Paris Wife

Transfer Today
Transfer Today

Turkey Greece 2015
Turkey Greece 2015

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Legal Studies
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Nursing: RN to BSN
Public Relations and Marketing Communications
UCAP | Programs


Umbrellas For Peace
Umbrellas For Peace

Valerie Mayen

Vision 24
Vision 24


Volunteer Day
Ursuline College Volunteer Day

Art Therapy
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Educational Administration
Graduate Business
Historic Preservation
Master Apprenticeship Program
Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Nursing
Nursing Programs
Undergraduate Nursing
Undergraduate Psychology

Women Religious
The Impact of Vatican II on Women Religious in the United States: A Symposium

Women Wellness
Women & Wellness

03/09/2015 - Ursuline College Announces Sister Christine De Vinne, O.S.U., Ph.D., as its 17th President.
03/06/2015 - Three basketball players awarded G-MAC honors.
03/06/2015 - Celebrating 18 years of leadership.
03/02/2015 - Track and Field Team Wins Second G-MAC Championship.
02/25/2015 - The Breen School of Nursing's Patricia Sharpnack and Kimberly Dillon Bleich honored.
02/24/2015 - Bea Indurain named G-MAC Indoor Track and Field Athlete of the Week.
02/13/2015 - Art Therapy and Counseling alum featured on front page of the Plain Dealer.
02/12/2015 - Jayme Plummer named UC's new head volleyball coach.
02/05/2015 - Dean Messina-Dysert talks feminism and religion on Things Not Seen Radio
02/03/2015 - New academic center to be named for Parker Hannifin.
01/05/2015 - Soccer program cleans up Division II All-Ohio Awards
12/17/2014 - Faculty awarded for teaching excellence and community service
12/09/2014 - Bea Indurain Named G-MAC Track & Field Athlete of the Week
11/24/2014 - Ursuline's Vanessa Consiglio Named Academic All-America® of the Year
11/06/2014 - Ursuline College Soccer Team Advances to Saturday's G-MAC Title Match
10/30/2014 - Ursuline junior selected to Capital One Academic All-District Team
10/20/2014 - Ursuline College's statement on Ebola virus
10/15/2014 - Ursuline seeking candidates for College President
10/15/2014 - MBA graduate featured in Crain's Cleveland Business 'Top 40 Under 40'
10/07/2014 - Ursuline College well-represented in national statistical rankings
09/26/2014 - Math Professor reflects on college years, parent's influence for 'Inside Higher Ed'
09/22/2014 - Junior Vanessa Consiglio named G-MAC Women's Athlete of the Week
09/22/2014 - Professor and Department Chair selected for PRSA Esteemed College of Fellows
09/16/2014 - Ursuline College's Paige Rowan Named G-MAC Women's Soccer Athlete of the Week
09/16/2014 - Ursuline College President Sr. Diana Stano to retire
09/09/2014 - Historic Preservation alumna to present at national conference
09/04/2014 - Assistant Professor serves as mentor for US National Chemistry Olympiad
09/02/2014 - Ursuline College soccer team picked first in G-MAC preseason poll
08/07/2014 - Ursuline College will be closed on Friday, August 8, 2014
07/18/2014 - Ursuline hires full-time Department Chair of Art Therapy Undergraduate Program
07/11/2014 - College receives $200,000 to endow scholarship in honor of alumna
07/07/2014 - Ursuline~St. John College Alumnae Assocation honors two outstanding women
07/02/2014 - MSN program seeks public comments
06/13/2014 - Ursuline College announces new Dean of the Breen School of Nursing
05/28/2014 - Maddy Outman Promoted to Co-Head Track Coach at Ursuline College
05/27/2014 - All-American Burlinson Places Third at NCAA Championships
05/22/2014 - Ursuline College recognizes individuals for years of service
05/15/2014 - Natalie Huggins Named G-MAC Scholar-Athlete of the Year
04/24/2014 - Biology major awarded ‘Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowship’
04/24/2014 - Professor and Chair of Religious Studies selected as an NEH summer scholar
04/22/2014 - Track and field program wins first G-MAC title in school history
04/07/2014 - Nursing professor recognized by Ohio League for Nursing for work in mental health
03/25/2014 - College launches largest project in 40 Years
03/18/2014 - Ursuline's Nicole Burlinson Named Division II All-American
02/25/2014 - Athletic Director Chosen to Serve as Mentor in NCAA Program
02/25/2014 - Governor Appoints Breen School of Nursing Associate Dean to Ohio Board of Nursing
02/07/2014 - Author Amanda Flower's first Children's Book Nominated for Agatha Award
02/07/2014 - Cleveland Plain Dealer covers Veterans Art Therapy Exhibition at Tri-C Gallery
01/21/2014 - Freshman Erica Huber Wins Conference Award for Second Time This Season
01/19/2014 - Professor Connie Korosec talks keeping your closet organized on WKYC-TV
01/15/2014 - College Receives NCATE, CAEP Accreditation for Education Unit
01/10/2014 - Nursing Professor and Graduate Student Receive Top Awards from OAAPN
01/10/2014 - College President talks Athletics, Fundraising on WTAM 1100 Morning Radio
12/27/2013 - Tornado turns Ursuline College athletes into road warriors
12/23/2013 - Ursuline Wins Conference Award of Excellence from NCAA
12/18/2013 - How the Media Failed Women in 2013
12/17/2013 - Empowering Young Girls in Math and Science
12/13/2013 - Professor George Matejka on Time Magazine's Person of the Year
12/09/2013 - Arrows Win Conference Opener, Earn First-Ever G-MAC Victory
12/09/2013 - Sewing for Malawi: Ursuline Students to H.E.L.P. Out
12/09/2013 - Ursuline Kicks off Rebuilding Campaign with $1 Million Gift
12/05/2013 - Sr. Dorothy Kazel Club Attends School of America’s Watch Protest
12/05/2013 - Behind-the-Scenes: The College’s Brand
12/05/2013 - Consiglio, Feitl Named to NSCAA All-Midwest Region Teams
12/03/2013 - Ursuline hosts first Chew and Chat to Discuss "Princess"
11/26/2013 - The Breen School of Nursing Lauded for Educational Excellence
11/18/2013 - Ursuline College featured in NCAA Champion Magazine
11/15/2013 - St. John College Alumna Receives Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Nursing
11/08/2013 - Six Soccer Players Earn All-Conference Honors
11/04/2013 - Freshman named Great Midwest Athletic Conference 'Women's Soccer Athlete of the Week'
10/29/2013 - Cross Country Runner Named G-MAC 'Freshman of the Year'
10/23/2013 - Arrows Basketball Team to Play at Quicken Loans Arena
10/15/2013 - Counseling and Career Services Director honored with Hazel Brown Award
10/02/2013 - Sophomore named first 'Women's Golf Athlete of the Month'
09/27/2013 - Students and alumnae recognized on Ursuline's Wall of Fame 2013
09/17/2013 - Junior Paige Rowan 'Women's Soccer Athlete of the Week' for Second Consecutive Week
09/13/2013 - Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies appears on MSNBC
09/12/2013 - College President to Speak at Global Leadership Mentoring Conference
09/11/2013 - Updates regarding Ursuline's recovery efforts after tornado hits campus
08/14/2013 - Professor Avery Friedman writes Plain Dealer column on Ruth Bader Ginsburg
08/09/2013 - Ursuline College "Financially Fit" According to Forbes, US Department of Education
07/27/2013 - Basketball Team Earns a Spot on WBCA Academic Honor Roll
07/27/2013 - Ronald E. Dziedzicki, Chief Operating Officer for UH, promoted to Major General
07/27/2013 - Professor George Matejka appears on Cleveland's NPR station to discuss religion
07/24/2013 - Ursuline College begins to rebuild
07/23/2013 - Tornado Damage
07/12/2013 - Ursuline launches new blog
07/11/2013 - Ursuline chosen as Glass Explorer to showcase only Women's College in Ohio
06/27/2013 - Director of Wasmer Gallery Anna Arnold Honored by Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio
06/26/2013 - Students and faculty travel to China
06/25/2013 - Nursing Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Receive National Recognition
06/25/2013 - Two alumnae honored at Ursuline~St. John College Reunion 2013
06/21/2013 - Community Mourns the Loss of Sr. M. Annunciata Witz, OSU '42UC
06/19/2013 - Softball Player Named G-MAC Female Scholar-Athlete of the Year
06/07/2013 - Photos from Commencement 2013
06/04/2013 - Wasmer Gallery Director Anna Arnold talks Cleveland in The Plain Dealer
05/23/2013 - Graduates reflect on their college experience in Nursing Convocation
05/21/2013 - Education Graduate Student Recognized by Mayfield Schools
05/16/2013 - Cleveland Clinic Chief Nursing Officer wins Distinguished Nursing Alumnae Award
05/08/2013 - Psychology Program takes Two Students to Chicago
05/06/2013 - Alumna and Adjunct Professor Patricia Nugent receives National Principal Award
05/06/2013 - SNUC raises $3,000 for the American Heart Association
04/29/2013 - Highlights from Innovations '13 Student Fashion Show
04/25/2013 - Social Work Student Susan Postle Receives Regional Award
04/23/2013 - Jen Irwin named Great Midwest Athletic Conference Women’s Golf Coach of the Year
04/16/2013 - Art Therapy and Counseling Faculty and Students on Service Trip in El Salvador
04/10/2013 - Ursuline hires new Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies
04/09/2013 - Nursing students win the Jackie Cannarella Scholarship
04/08/2013 - Ursuline Professor Dr. Dohee Kim-Appel‘s Research Gets National Attention
04/04/2013 - President Sr. Diana Stano featured on Channel 3 News
03/21/2013 - Ursuline Professor, Natalie Weaver, Speaks at the UN
03/21/2013 - Ursuline Professor Laura Hammel Wins PRSA Award for Exceptional Mentorship
03/21/2013 - Marcus Thomas Event
03/11/2013 - Ursuline receives $5 million gift, largest in its history
02/20/2013 - School of Arts and Sciences Wins Student Competition
02/18/2013 - State Representative John E. Barnes Jr. visits Ursuline
02/13/2013 - Ursuline Professor George Matejka Discusses the Process of Electing a New Pope on Live on Lakeside
02/06/2013 - Dr. Connie Korosec discusses American designers Live on Lakeside
02/05/2013 - Ursuline's First DNP Student Graduates
01/30/2013 - Ursuline and Warrensville Heights School District Form Mentoring Program
01/17/2013 - Ursuline's Color Your Corner Project
01/09/2013 - Avery Friedman
01/07/2013 - Sign up today
12/14/2012 - Ursuline Graduate Nursing Student Receives Scholarship
11/26/2012 - Five Volleyball Members Recognized
11/12/2012 - Ursuline's Fine Arts Publication Receives Recognition
11/07/2012 - WKNR Dj Talks Ursuline
11/06/2012 - Ursuline Fashion Professor on WKYC
10/12/2012 - Arrows Golf Season Finishes Strong
10/05/2012 - Ursuline Seeks Public Comments for Upcoming NCATE Visit
10/03/2012 - Disability Awareness Week
09/20/2012 - Banned Book Event
09/18/2012 - Cross Country Coach on ESPN Radio
09/18/2012 - Ursuline's Historic Costume Study Collection
09/11/2012 - Athlete Named GMAC Cross Country Runner of the Week
08/31/2012 - Pilla Building Renovation
08/07/2012 - Ursuline Admissions Department Receives Recognition
08/05/2012 - Former UC Student Competes in London.
07/18/2012 - Arrows Move Into Provisional Year
07/03/2012 - Follow one student in her summer travels through Europe.
06/27/2012 - A New Tree is Planted
06/12/2012 - Ursuline's Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
05/09/2012 - Kathy Rogers Receives Nursing Award
05/04/2012 - Ursuline Names Shannon Sword to Head Position
02/21/2012 - Ursuline is Now a Member of NCAA G-MAC
02/07/2012 - Event Sponsored by Ursuline and CBC Magazine
02/06/2012 - Ursuline Seeks Public Comments for Upcoming Higher Learning Commission Visit
01/16/2012 - College Community Mourns the Loss of Sr. Anna Margaret Gilbride, OSU, Ph.D. ’56SJ
01/10/2012 - Avery Friedman
01/10/2012 - Dual Admission with Tri-C
12/20/2011 - A Christmas Message
12/14/2011 - Faculty Members Honored
11/22/2011 - Avery Friedman
11/18/2011 - Assessment of Campus Climate and Community
09/15/2011 - College Community Mourns the Loss of Sr. Angelita Zawada, OSU
08/15/2011 - Fashion Faculty Member Featured in CBC Magazine
07/18/2011 - Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages
06/28/2011 - Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
06/20/2011 - Evening of Success
06/07/2011 - Ursuline Forms New Athletic Conference
06/01/2011 - Amadeus Rappe and Crystal Awards
06/01/2011 - Student Receives Next Generation of Care Award
05/31/2011 - 2011 NAIA Outdoor Track National Championships
05/27/2011 - Recognized by Crain's Cleveland Business
04/29/2011 - Janet Baker Receives Nursing Alumnae Award
04/26/2011 - Ursuline Student Receives Top Social Work Award
04/18/2011 - Arrows Win Five Track & Field Top Honors
04/18/2011 - Ursuline Student Wins First Place
03/22/2011 - Summer Science Programs Offered at Ursuline
03/17/2011 - College Community Mourns the Loss of Former Faculty Member
02/25/2011 - FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25
02/02/2011 - WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2
01/26/2011 - Ursuline Receives One Million Dollars
01/20/2011 - Student Recognized for Art Piece
01/12/2011 - WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12
01/06/2011 - Ursuline Travels to Africa
01/05/2011 - Follow Ursuline Students on Trip to China
12/14/2010 - Receives Recognition for Database Video
12/13/2010 - DECEMBER 13
11/01/2010 - Ursuline receives Champions of Character Five Star Award
10/15/2010 - Ursuline College Alumnus Promoted to the Rank of Brigadier General
09/23/2010 - College Community Mourns the Loss of Dear Alum and Faculty Member Virginia Marion
09/13/2010 - Jack Newman Named Chair
09/09/2010 - VP of Enrollment Management Appointed
07/12/2010 - The Breen School of Nursing Receives 10 Scholarships
07/12/2010 - Tsinghua University in China
07/12/2010 - Ursuline Receives Federal Grant
07/12/2010 - Amadeus Rappe and Crystal Awards
07/12/2010 - Ursuline Accepted into NCAA
06/30/2010 - Congratulations to the Class of 2010
06/10/2010 - Doctor of Nursing Practice
05/23/2010 - Development Office Fundraiser.
04/23/2010 - Ursuline College Community Mourns the Loss of Sophomore Nursing Student.
02/28/2010 - RN to BSN Nursing Degree
02/28/2010 - Distinguished Educators
01/11/2010 - Support the Ursuline Arrows
12/03/2009 - Ursuline Adds Masters in Business Degree
12/01/2009 - Four Students Named Cross Country Scholar-Athletes
08/10/2009 - The Ursuline College Breen School of Nursing Awarded Scholarships for Accelerated Students
07/20/2009 - Ursuline Announces a Fast Track in Special and Early Childhood Education

08/22/2015 - Undergraduate Fall Orientation
08/22/2015 - Parent Orientation
08/21/2015 - Undergraduate Adult Student Orientation
06/05/2015 - Strawbridge Symposium 2015
04/12/2015 - Go Run for Go Red
04/08/2015 - Not a Number Night Openhouse
04/03/2015 - UC Vibe: All-Campus Student Exhibition
03/23/2015 - A Panel Discussion on Human Trafficking
03/18/2015 - Not a Number Night Openhouse
03/06/2015 - 15th Annual Art and Healing Exhibition
03/01/2015 - Docudrama: Celebrating the contribution of Catholic sister nurses in the U.S. Civil War
02/21/2015 - Heart Healthy Afternoon Tea
02/21/2015 - The Red Formal
02/10/2015 - College Study Tours: Turkey & Greece
02/03/2015 - Please Watch Your Step: Challenges in Preventing Falls
01/22/2015 - Instant Application Night
01/20/2015 - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Program
01/16/2015 - Winter Art Invitational II Exhibit
01/01/2015 - Information Session and Campus Tour
01/01/2015 - Coffee and Conversation
12/20/2014 - Art Therapy & Counseling Information Session
12/10/2014 - Graduate Nursing Information Session
12/01/2014 - Evidence-Based Nursing Day
11/24/2014 - Master Apprenticeship Program Information Session
11/18/2014 - Historic Preservation eLearning Session
11/15/2014 - Discover Nursing Day
11/01/2014 - Senior Scholar Day
10/31/2014 - The Best Closet in Cleveland Exhibition
10/30/2014 - Fracking and the Future of Sustainability Justice in Northeast Ohio
10/25/2014 - Volunteer Day
10/17/2014 - TEDxUrsulineCollege
10/04/2014 - Second Annual Athletic Department Clambake
10/02/2014 - An Evening with Author Amanda Flower
10/01/2014 - 'Holy Women Icons' with Angela Yarber, Ph.D.
09/28/2014 - 3rd Annual Walk for Water: One Mile Run/Walk
09/23/2014 - Banned Books Week Readout
09/20/2014 - Family Fun Fest
08/01/2014 - Healing Imagination: The Art Therapy Juried Exhibition
07/29/2014 - Educational Administration Open House
07/24/2014 - DNP Dinner & Discussion
07/01/2014 - College Prep Program
06/05/2014 - Dying to Do Letterman
05/22/2014 - #BringBackOurGirls March
05/16/2014 - Senior Show 2014
05/16/2014 - Baccalaureate Mass and Commencement Ceremony
05/06/2014 - Beyond the BSN: Transitioning Your Nursing Career
05/05/2014 - Evidence-Based Nursing Day
04/30/2014 - MBA eLearning Session
04/29/2014 - Student Research Symposium
04/29/2014 - Groundbreaking Ceremony
04/27/2014 - Go Run for Go Red
04/27/2014 - Innovations '14: Student Fashion Show
04/15/2014 - An Evening With Ursuline
04/04/2014 - Katie Holzheimer ’75: Impressions Exhibit
04/03/2014 - Nursing Fair Extravaganza
04/03/2014 - Red Cross Blood Drive/Noodles for Nurses
03/31/2014 - Transnational Perspectives on Women’s Rights as Human Rights
03/20/2014 - Leadership Development and Professional Networking Event
03/06/2014 - Art. Speak. Heal: Honoring Veteran Stories
03/01/2014 - Go Red Formal
02/28/2014 - Free Film Friday
02/13/2014 - Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith French Visit
01/22/2014 - Adult Program Information Session
01/22/2014 - Ursuline Basketball at Quicken Loans Arena
01/17/2014 - Winter Art Invitational featuring the University of Dayton Crèche Collection
12/09/2013 - Evidence-Based Nursing Day
12/08/2013 - St. Nicholas Mass & Brunch
11/23/2013 - Fashion Focus Club Presents: 2013 Met Ball
11/18/2013 - Founder's Week 2013
11/16/2013 - Discover Nursing Day
11/09/2013 - Senior Sneak Peek
11/07/2013 - Thomas Salomon's "In Memoriam: Responses to the Unanswerable" Exhibit
11/01/2013 - The 23nd Annual Urafiki Program
11/01/2013 - Diversity Day
10/30/2013 - UCAP's 15th Anniversary Celebration
10/25/2013 - Who's in Your Network?
10/23/2013 - The Bridge Event
10/21/2013 - Let's Get Down to Business
10/17/2013 - Litigation Networking Night
10/09/2013 - Sisters Serving Northeast Ohio: Progress and Promise Exhibit
10/09/2013 - disABILITY Awareness Has Gone to the Dogs
10/05/2013 - Creative Arts Day
10/04/2013 - First Annual Athletic Department Clambake
10/01/2013 - Inscape Reading
09/28/2013 - Women in Science Day
09/28/2013 - The Impact of Vatican II on Women Religious in the United States: A Symposium
09/19/2013 - An Evening with The Paris Wife: Paula McLain
09/11/2013 - English Department Welcome Back Tea
09/07/2013 - Family Fun Festival
09/01/2013 - Blossom, Cleveland Orchestra & Ursuline
08/30/2013 - Family and Friends Night with the Captains
08/26/2013 - Student Activity Fair
08/21/2013 - Movie in the Quad
08/09/2013 - Art Alumnae Invitational Exhibit
08/08/2013 - Future Arrows Cookout
08/03/2013 - Umbrellas for Peace Gallery Exhibit
08/03/2013 - Umbrellas for Peace Exhibit
06/22/2013 - Ursuline and St. John Reunion 2013
05/17/2013 - Annual Senior Art Exhibit
05/17/2013 - Baccalaureate Mass & Commencement
05/16/2013 - Center of Excellence Luncheon
05/02/2013 - Student Research Symposium
04/28/2013 - Innovations '13 Student Fashion Show
04/26/2013 - Umbrellas for Peace
04/15/2013 - Job Fair
04/11/2013 - Faculty Lecture Series
04/05/2013 - Art Exhibit: One Department, Many Voices II
03/25/2013 - Ursuline Community Gathers for Women Watch March 25
03/21/2013 - Reconnect and Network at Marcus Thomas
03/02/2013 - Creative Arts Day
03/01/2013 - Art Therapy and Counseling Hosts Fundraiser for Service Trip
03/01/2013 - Iota Psi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau to Celebrate 25th Anniversary
02/28/2013 - Bridge Event set for Undergraduate Students interested in Graduate Programs
02/02/2013 - Go Red for Women
01/22/2013 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Event
01/04/2013 - Art Exhibit: Portraits of Homelessness
12/15/2012 - Center of Excellence, Holiday Luncheon Event
12/02/2012 - St. Nicholas Mass & Brunch
11/09/2012 - Ursuline Celebrates Saint Hildegard
11/02/2012 - Urafiki
10/20/2012 - Tying the Knot: Cleveland Wedding Fashions
10/19/2012 - Art Exhibit: MS MISS MRS
10/05/2012 - Ultimate Hide and Seek
09/16/2012 - Former President of Georgetown, Leo O'Donovan to speak at Ursuline
09/15/2012 - Family Fun Festival
09/15/2012 - Family Fun Festival
07/27/2012 - The First Earth Show - Part 3
07/15/2012 - Women's Weekend with Women of the Bible
05/25/2012 - Strawbridge Symposium
05/17/2012 - Commencement
04/19/2012 - Faculty Lecture Series
03/30/2012 - H.E.L.P. Malawi Exhibition
03/03/2012 - Spring Play
01/23/2012 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Event
01/20/2012 - 20th Annual Women’s Invitational
12/04/2011 - Annual Alumnae St. Nicholas Mass and Brunch
12/01/2011 - Fashion Focus Hosts Holiday Boutique
11/17/2011 - Avery Friedman
11/15/2011 - December Commencement Countdown
11/14/2011 - Founder's Week 2011
11/09/2011 - PRSSA Event "Managing Reputation in a Social Media World"
11/04/2011 - Urafiki
10/27/2011 - An Evening with Project Runway's Valerie Mayen
10/01/2011 - Volunteer Day
09/30/2011 - UCAP Wine and Cheese Networking Social
09/19/2011 - Constitution Day
09/18/2011 - Terrence Tilley
09/17/2011 - Family Fun Fest
08/21/2011 - New Student Orientation
08/18/2011 - A Summer Evening with Larry Morrow
08/11/2011 - Not a Number Night
06/18/2011 - Alumnae Reunion 2011
05/23/2011 - Commencement
05/20/2011 - Annual Senior Art Show Exhibit
05/01/2011 - Innovations '11 Fashion Show
04/28/2011 - Faculty Lecture Series
04/13/2011 - Evenings of Lenten Reflection
04/01/2011 - Faculty Art Show Exhibit
03/24/2011 - An Evening with Journalist Regina Brett
03/04/2011 - Cancer Awareness Night
02/11/2011 - Creativity and Healthcare Workshop
02/05/2011 - Go Red for Women Event
01/31/2011 - Czech Republic Cultural Art Exhibit
01/30/2011 - Reception for Czech Republic Exhibit
01/19/2011 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Event
12/09/2010 - Not a Number Night
12/05/2010 - Alumnae St. Nicholas Mass and Brunch
11/12/2010 - Ursuline Writers’ Showcase
11/12/2010 - Focus on the Arts Day
11/05/2010 - Urafiki: Honoring African American Graduates
10/26/2010 - Career Fair
10/20/2010 - Linedrives and Lipstick: The Untold Story of Women’s Baseball
10/12/2010 - Breen School of Nursing Hosts Strawbridge Symposium
10/07/2010 - Discover Nursing Day
10/03/2010 - Admissions Overnight
09/30/2010 - PRSSA
09/26/2010 - Besse Library 25th Anniversary Event
09/21/2010 - Social Work Program Anniversary and Alumnae Celebration
08/26/2010 - Mullen Renovation Event
08/24/2010 - Fall Orientation
08/08/2010 - Wasmer Gallery Earth Show
08/07/2010 - Non-traditional and Graduate Student Orientation
07/29/2010 - Not a Number Nights
07/11/2010 - Women's Weekend with Women of the Bible III
07/09/2010 - Ursuline Night at the Lake County Captains Game
06/26/2010 - Alumnae Reunion
06/22/2010 - Art Therapy and Counseling Event "Ethics the Musical"?
05/21/2010 - Commencement and Baccalaureate Mass
04/29/2010 - Nursing Network Reception
04/28/2010 - Graduate Studies Information Night
04/25/2010 - Library Book and Stamp Sale
04/25/2010 - Innovations '10 Fashion Show
04/23/2010 - Admission Spring Overnight
04/20/2010 - Faculty Lecture Series
04/11/2010 - Thomas Merton Exhibit
03/25/2010 - The Combat Paper Project
03/18/2010 - Shannon Galpin, Breaking Barriers
03/17/2010 - Go Green for Sustainability
02/26/2010 - Due to Snow, Ursuline College will be closed starting at 3pm today.
02/23/2010 - Faculty Lecture Series
02/20/2010 - Student Leadership Conference
02/20/2010 - Go Red for Women Nursing Event
02/11/2010 - Art Therapy & Counseling Workshop
01/29/2010 - Night at the Races
01/28/2010 - Ursuline Blood Drive
01/25/2010 - American Nurses Association Speaker
01/19/2010 - Martin Luther King Jr. Event