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Media Center Equipment Request Form

Equipment requests are processed on a first come, first served basis. Please make your request at least one week before it is needed.

Faculty and staff may reserve the use of equipment for every class period up to the end of the semester, or for specific sessions or events on campus. A request may be made by contacting the Media Center (see below) and providing the dates and times of when the equipment is needed. Most equipment will be delivered to the classroom, while other pieces must be picked up by the user (Clickers, digital camcorders, etc). Any equipment requiring pick up, will be held up to 30 minutes after the time given for pick-up. If the Media Center has not been contacted by the requestor, and the equipment has been requested by other users, the Media Center reserves the right to contact the person holding the next request after the 30 minute period. If the equipment has been requested for the semester, and it has not been picked up 3 consecutive times with no contact from the requestor, the Media Center reserves the right to cancel the remaining reservations for the semester.

You must call or visit the Media Center well in advance to make a request for videorecording or any non-class event so that we may discuss your audio-visual needs.

There are a variety of options to request equipment:

  • Fill out the Online Equipment Request Form below.
  • Call us at 440-646-8182
  • Visit us in the Media Center to fill out a yellow Equipment Request form.
  • If you know you will be using a particular videotape on a specific day, you may place a video hold to reserve it for pick-up.

Please completely fill out the following online form. Your request will be sent to the Media Center. At this time, online requests are for Ursuline College faculty/staff use only.

Full Name:

Email address:

Phone: (Where you may be reached if questions arise.)

Date(s) needed:

Room/Location needed: (Indicate here if the request if for use off campus.)

Start time:

End time:

If you are placing this request for someone, please provide the name of the user.

If this is a Semester Order, please indicate the day(s) your course is scheduled in addition to filling out the times needed (Press the CTRL key while clicking to choose multiple days).

Equipment Needed (Press the CTRL key while clicking to choose multiple days):

If this is for a special event on campus, please let us know the name of the event.

Additional Notes (Layout of the room, special instructions, etc.):