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Guidelines for Library Reserve Requests

Original Material

At the request of an instructor, the library will place on reserve any circulating material in its collection. Books not in the library's collection can be ordered for reserve if the request is countersigned by the head of the instructor's department. Library materials which do not circulate, including reference books and periodicals, will not be placed on reserve.

Original items belonging to the instructor or the college but not the library will be placed on reserve as personal copies. These may include periodical issues, publisher's reprints, the instructor's notes etc. Since all personal items are returned to the instructor at the end of each semester, the address to which the material is to be returned should be included with all personal copies.


Please allow 48 hours for your materials to be processed for reserve. Use the green book reserve form (Form A) which is available online as well as at the circulation desk. If you prefer, call 440-449-4202 to have one sent to you. Please complete a separate form for each course. Please be sure to indicate how long the material is to circulate. The options are 4 hour in-house, 24 hour, 2 day, 3 day or 1 week. If no term is specified, the reserve use will be set at 4 hour.


The library cannot accept photocopied material that does not comply with the Ursuline College Copyright Policy. The Policy may be viewed online or in the library. We will accept for reserve each semester one photocopy of any article or book chapter that is in the library's collection or is the property of the instructor. If the photocopy itself is submitted, it will be assumed that the original is the property of the instructor. The copy must include complete bibliographic information and not carry a copyright notice indicating that futher copying is not permitted. For each article requested, a signed statement of copyright compliance must be submitted. The first time any article is placed on reserve is considered Fair Use.

Limits on photocopy for reserve:

For any article to be on reserve for a second or any further semester, explicit permission from the publisher must be presented. This may take the form of a publisher's letter of permission that you have obtained or your authorization for us to use Copyright Clearance Center's Transaction Reporting Service on your behalf.
More than one copy of any item cannot be placed on reserve without explicit permission.
Classroom copying limits apply:
  • 1 article from any one author.
  • 3 articles from any one periodical.
  • 9 for any one course.
Anthologies or any other collections created by photocopy cannot be accepted for reserve unless "course pack" permission has been obtained.
Photocopied "consumables" including workbook pages, answer sheets, and the like cannot be accepted for reserve.


Please use either photocopy request form B for articles, or C for book chapters as appropriate. Use one box for each article or book chapter, providing complete bibliographic information. Check one option for each title to indicate which form of copyright compliance applies:
  1. Choose the first option, Fair Use, if a) the article meets the tests of brevity, spontaneity and cumulative effect that apply to classroom distribution (see Ursuline College Copyright Policy for details) or b) you are in the process of requesting permission from the publisher*. We can help you locate the publisher's address if you wish.
  2. Choose the second option if you are presenting the publisher's permission with your request.
  3. Choose Copyright Clearance Center permission if you are requesting that the library use its CCC Transaction Reporting Service to obtain permission. Copyright fees will be charged to your department. Your article may be placed on reserve under fair use while permission is pending. Any article which cannot by handled by the CCC will remain on reserve while the matter is referred back to you.

Disposition of Materials:
All photocopy is considered the property of the instructor. Like all other personal copies, it will be returned to the instructor at the end of each semester. If there are any specific requests for disposition, please let us know when initiating the reserve request.

* You may wish to request permission personally because some publishers seem willing to grant fairly extensive, and sometimes gratis, permission for education copying to individual instructors.

For questions and assistance please call the Library Circulation desk at 440-449-4202 or email reference@ursuline.edu.