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Transferring College Records

Your Responsibility

  • The records of the official activities of the college officers and offices are the property of Ursuline College.
  • Such property is not to be culled or destroyed without the approval of the officer in charge of the office, division, department or committee where the papers accumulate.

Transfer Guidelines

  • The officer in charge of each administrative office, division, department or committee will be the judge of which of its records are in sufficient current use to be retained in the department. All other material of enduring value, when no longer in current use in the office to which it pertains, shall be transferred to the College Archives.
  • All archival material shall be systematically transferred to the College Archives during annual office file purges and when the archivist deems it can effectively be received.
  • The archivist will consult with the administrative offices to determine the type of restrictions to be placed upon confidential records.

What to Transfer

Examples of records to transfer to the archives:

  • Minutes, budgets, reports, correspondence, and general administrative records (including topical files)
  • Photographs and audiovisual material
  • Publications
Records not appropriate to transfer to the archives:

  • Routine files (work orders, receipts)
  • Duplicates
Remember: always consult the archivist if you have any questions about what to transfer.

How to Transfer


  • The archives will provide the transmitting office with acid-free boxes. Please give advanced notice to the archivist when you are ready for these boxes.
  • Place records in clearly labeled folders (Pendaflex folders do not fit in the boxes).
  • Place records in the containers without disturbing the existing file arrangement.
  • Do not force or jam records into boxes.
  • If subsequent additions are expected, leave sufficient space in the box for interfiling.

  • Create a typed list of every folder in each container.
  • Make a note of folders that contain confidential information, audiovisual materials, or digital materials.
  • Create two copies of the inventory: one copy should accompany the records transmitted to the archives and the transmitting office should retain a copy.

  • Please contact the archivist to arrange for the transfer. The archivist must be notified before any items are sent.
  • To prevent loss, do not send items through campus mail or leave items sitting outside the archives' door.
  • The transmitting office must sign a transfer agreement.

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* Information presented here has been adapted from the Ursuline College Archives Guidelines, approved by the President's Council, August 7, 1991.