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Submit Proposals for 2017

Florence O’Donnell Wasmer Gallery is Ursuline College’s art gallery located in the School of Arts and Sciences in Pepper Pike, Ohio. This treasured non-profit gallery is dedicated to the exhibition of dynamic, socially-conscious, emotionally-charged contemporary work by alumni, faculty, students and artists and curators of emerging and established regional or national reputation. Six to seven professional exhibitions are scheduled during each academic year.

Proposals from individual artists will be considered; however, if accepted by the gallery council, group shows may be developed by the Gallery Director. When writing your proposal, we are interested in why you want to exhibit at Wasmer Gallery.

Do you have a new body of work, or work that has not been shown before? Does your work express a particular theme? Would you like to present a group exhibit? Do you have a specific audience you want to target? If you are representing an arts organization or agent for several artists, please include your required fees and put special emphasis in your proposal on why your exhibition would be better presented at the Wasmer Gallery than elsewhere. The Wasmer exhibition schedule is highly competitive and is carefully planned at least one year in advance to present our viewers with an outstanding and vibrant contemporary art program.

The Wasmer Gallery Arts Advisory Committee will review proposals once a year. The deadline to receive proposals for the 2017 exhibition season review is June 1, 2016. We will send e-mail notifications after receipt of materials and after our review.All submissions should include the following: Exhibition Proposal (up to 1 page, include contact information- name, home address, phone number, e-mail, website) In the proposal include, the theme, a particular time schedule, specific needs of the artist, a listing of the insurance and/or sales valuation of all objects to be exhibited, special requirements to mount or install the work, technical requirements for exhibition (internet connection, VCR, digital projector, sound equipment, etc.) and describe events planned for the exhibition (example: gallery talk, lecture, studio tour, performance, etc.) Short Biography(ies) and/or Résumé(s) of artist (s) and/or curator. 12 to 20 high quality, digital photographs of the work, preferably jpegs Please send all materials in digital files to aarnold@ursuline.edu.

The Wasmer Gallery is in its own building which is attached to the main lobby off of the dining hall and leading to the Art Department. There is an outside entrance, a garden entrance, and a lobby entrance; all entrances are secured, as is the Gallery proper, by a key lock security alarm. The patio entrance is barrier free creating easy access to the Gallery. The Wasmer Gallery takes a 20% commission on all work for sale. We reserve the right to install the work ourselves with the only exception being a site specific installation. At the beginning of each exhibition season, we send out a season calendar to the general public. We also will provide an opening reception, security during the exhibition, and insurance for the work while exhibited in the Gallery.

We are not in a position to store work; however in some instances we will cover the costs of return shipping although local artists are expected to provide pick-up and delivery of their own work. We like to give our exhibitors as much exposure as possible and exhibitions of 6 to 9 weeks duration. We schedule an Artist's Dialogue for each exhibit and would be very interested in demos and workshops, with honoraria, that could be offered to Ursuline College Art students and the general public.

For more information or question contact:
Anna Arnold
Gallery Director Florence O’Donnell Wasmer Gallery
2550 Lander Road
Pepper Pike, Ohio 44124-4398