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Sustainability - Accomplishments and Events

  • A vegetarian option with every meal has been offered for the past 10 years.
  • Fair Trade coffee has been used for the past 5 years.
  • Campus-wide paper recycling program - average 3,000 pounds of paper per month since 2004.
  • Any new landscaping considers native plant species. Smith Hall landscaping, installed in 2006 included native plants.
  • The course catalog was placed on-line for the 2007/2008 academic year. A reduction from 6,000 paper copies to 350 was achieved. This resulted in a reduction of over a million sheets of paper.
  • Implementation of bulk condiments fall 2008.
  • Implemented a campus printer allowance for students in 2008.
  • A campus wide recycling program was launched in 2009 to capture recyclables in classrooms, offices and residence halls.
  • Some yard waste is disposed of where it biodegrades to form compost in naturally landscaped areas.
  • The college has an integrate program for disposal of chemicals, handled through a certified hazardous waste vendor.
  • An energy management plan has been developed and implemented as funding is available. These plans include phasing in the implementation of individual building controls and information systems where they do not exist today.
  • The College acreage includes a lake which serves as a retention pond during periods of heavy runoff. The campus also includes areas where the natural vegetation is maintained, particularly an inlet stream for the lake.
  • Computer CPUs and monitors are disposed through a recycler.
  • A garage sale is held on an annual basis to aid in the disposal of surplus desks, tables and other furniture and equipment rather than sending to a landfill. Also include in the sale are items that have been left in the residence halls.
  • Reusable dishware is used for meals consumed in the Daley Dining Hall.
  • We have installed occupancy sensors in selected classrooms and restrooms for energy conservation.
  • Replaced old light bulbs to T8s and compact fluorescents. The Facilities Department goal is to remove all incandescent light bulbs on campus.
  • Pilla has systems that regulate temperatures based on occupancy hours.
  • Smith Residence Hall regulates the minimum and maximum temperatures that resident students can obtain in their suites.
  • Implemented Trayless Tuesdays to reduce food waste.
  • Examining retrofit kits for exterior lighting, to convert metal halide to LED.
  • Centralized energy management is available for Daley Dining Hall, Smith Residence Hall, Pilla and Besse Library.
  • RTA bus service is available during selected times for the campus.
  • Organic selections and locally produced food is made available where possible.
  • All new appliances are purchased with an energy star.
Go Green for Sustainability! The committee kicked off the sustainability project on St. Patrick's Day of 2010 by hosting an informational display in Pilla Atrium. This included showing students how to recycle at Ursuline College. The "Dumpster Dive" video shown below was also:

Dumpster Dive