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  1. Staff, faculty and students may use the closed mail box designated for the Mailroom to deposit requests for service.
  2. Staff, faculty and students may use the box, located outside of the mailroom/print shop on the south wall, for mail to ready for US Postal Service pick-up. Stamped mail deposited in the USPS box will continue to be picked up once per day.
  3. Staff, faculty and students can use the campus mail box, located outside of the mailroom/print shop on the south wall, to deposit mail for internal distribution.
  4. Resident student mail will continue to be delivered to Grace Residence Hall for distribution by the Resident Assistants. Students are required to pick-up all packages from the mailroom, proper identification is required. 
  5. Notices will be sent to all staff, faculty and students when a package has arrived that is larger than the closed mailboxes can accommodate. All notices will be sent via e-mail. All staff, faculty and students are required to appear at the mailroom/print shop counter to sign for their packages. (Please note item #6 below.) Arrangements for delivery will be made if the packages are oversized or if the recipient would like delivery. The delivery date and time will be scheduled at the time that the recipient signs for the package. The package will be delivered according to the arrangements and the recipient or a designee must be present when the package is delivered.
  6. Two departments on campus will continue to have mail and package delivery on a weekday basis. UCAP (staff and adjunct faculty) and Besse Library staff will continue to have mail and package delivery. If for some reason, these two departments are not staffed during the normal delivery and they are not available to sign for mail and packages, the mail and packages will return to the mailroom for delivery at the next scheduled delivery time.
  7. Any outgoing mail should be in the mailroom/print shop by 10:00 AM in order to be metered and processed on the same day. Any outgoing mail that is received after 10:00 AM cannot be guaranteed to be mailed the same day. As in the past, mailroom personnel will assist, as they are available, with metering any mail that you wish to take to the post office yourself.
  8. If you are working on a mailing that is critical and you know that it cannot be in the mailroom by 10:00 AM, please contact Jerry Bridge to make arrangements for special handling. Please let Jerry know at least 24 hours in advance of any special handling requests.
  9. Mailroom staff is not authorized to provide metering service for non-Ursuline College mail. We would be pleased to provide information on mailing cost, but cannot accept reimbursement for metering of non-Ursuline College mail.

Other Mailroom Services

Staples Office Supply Orders

  • Office supply orders should be submitted to Jerry in the Mailroom by Wednesday at noon to ensure Thursday afternoon delivery.
  • Order forms can be found in the mailroom.
  • Please remember to include the Staples item number and your department billing code on your order form
  • Current Staples office supply catalogs are available in the mailroom

Print Cartridge Recycling

  • All empty print cartridges can be brought to Paul in the Mailroom for recycling

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