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UC Ambassadors and Ringers

UC Ambassadors
The UC Ambassadors are a group of current Ursuline students who support the efforts of the Office of Undergraduate Admission by providing the student perspective for all campus visits. UC Ambassadors give campus tours, assist in the Admission Visit Center, take prospective students to lunch and host students overnight. They also communicate with prospective students via phone, email, chat and text! The UC Ambassadors assist with data entry in the office and lend a hand at admission events. These passionate, interesting, welcoming students are part of the student ambassador team in Undergraduate Admission.

Natalie Huggins
Hometown: North Robinson, Ohio
Major: Math and Language Arts Education
Why I chose UC: I was looking for a small school with one-on-one attention. The deciding factor for me was the Education Department.
My goals are: Earning my degree and being hired into my first teaching job are the two highest on my list right now.
Favorite place in Northeast Ohio: It really depends on the season. The Metroparks are beautiful, and to be honest so is our campus. I enjoy the Indians games and the stadium during the spring.
College search advice: Take your time trying to figure out where you want to go and what you want to do. Don't let anyone rush you or pressure you in to any decisions (I didn't decide on Ursuline until May of my senior year!) Ultimately, you have to do what is best for you and your future.

Zaneta Juskowiak
Hometown: Garfield Heights, Ohio
Major: Nursing
Why I chose UC: Perfect in class size and campus size.
My goal is: To graduate with a BSN.
Favorite place in Northeast Ohio: Cleveland Metroparks in Brecksville - especially in the fall.
College search advice: Look for a school that makes you feel comfortable and like you belong there, because it does make a big impact on you personally.

Molly Sabolsky
Hometown: Annandale, Virginia
Major: Nursing
Why I chose UC: The friendly atmosphere, small class sizes, and caring professors
My goal is to: become a great nurse, make a difference in the lives of the people I come in contact with, travel to Thailand and ride an elephant, and run a marathon
Favorite place in Northeast Ohio: It is between Deweys Pizza- Best Pizza EVER - and Tommy‚Äôs - best milkshakes and wraps.
College search advice: Make sure you know what you are looking for before you even set foot on a campus, You want to have options but not too many that it will be too hard to decide-find a happy medium!

RINGERS (Recruiting Indecisive Nearly Graduated Exceptionally Remarkable Students)
The RINGERS are a group of current Ursuline students who build relationships with prospective students over the phone or via email. RINGERS share their story about finding their best match with Ursuline, in the hopes of helping others select a college that's the right fit for them. These enthusiastic, warm, dedicated students are part of the student ambassador team in Undergraduate Admission. RINGERS call to confirm that prospective students have received invitations to events like our First Year Reception, Not a Number Nights, Fall Overnight and Spring Overnight/Big Fun Friday. RINGERS also call to follow up on specific inquiries as well as to remind students of deadlines and missing materials.

Katie Burns
Hometown: Lorain, Ohio
Major: Nursing
Why I chose UC: I chose UC for the small class sizes and the individual attention I get from my professors. I also love the fact that Ursuline has a partnership with the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Metro, the VA and other well-known hospitals, allowing me to take my clinicals at a variety of places!
My goals is: I would like to become a nurse specializing in pediatric oncology and to go for my DNP in the future, allowing me to become a nurse practitioner.
Favorite place in Northeast Ohio: Melt Bar and Grilled. Hands-down the best grilled cheese that you will ever have, and it's down the street from Ursuline!
College search advice: Always remember that you are not going to college only to get an education (although it is the most important reason), but you are creating who you will be for the rest of your life. Go somewhere were you will be able to fully flourish and will be able to reach your highest potential.

Kristina Davis
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Major: Early Childhood Education
Why I chose UC: I was in search of a place close to home, where I could grow, feel apart of a community, and obtain a great education with individual attention. I found all of that here at U.C.!
My goal(s) is: To graduate and hopefully teach for the Department of Defense (D.O.D.), as a civilian teacher so I can travel the world.
Favorite place in Northeast Ohio: Any place with my family and friends, and Quaker Steak and Lube
College search advice: Look for the place that is best for you, not a place based solely on your parents or friends. Do your research, and make more than one visit. You should feel at home at your new college, it will soon become your home away from home.

Samantha Humphrey
Strongsville, Ohio
Why I Chose UC:
The excellent Nursing Program
My goal(s) is/are: To become a Family Nurse Practictioner and work for the Cleveland Clinic.
Favorite place in Northeast Ohio is: Coventry or Little Italy
College search advice: Go with your gut.

Julianne Felty

Hometown: Parma Heights, Ohio
Major: Nursing
Why I chose and/or love Ursuline: I love Ursuline because there is always someone to talk to or get help from and making friends was really easy. I chose Ursuline because of the great nursing program they offer, the small class sizes, and the pretty campus.
Fun Fact: I have purple streaks in my hair.
Favorite Song: Kiss the Girl -
The Little Mermaid

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