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Not sure of what you’d like to study? No problem! Don’t worry if you are unsure of what you want to do with the rest of your life. “Undeclared, undecided, and exploratory” are the nation’s most popular majors. Research concludes that 75% of all students entering college are actually unsure of what to study, and at least half of all students who have declared a major will eventually change their mind. Chances are, if you have not declared a major or if you are transitioning from one major choice to another, it’s because you have multiple interests and are still exploring the world of college majors. If this sounds like you, Ursuline College is the perfect place to be.

Small class sizes and family-like environment. At Ursuline, your average class size is 14 students. Our faculty-to-student ratio is an unparalleled 9:1. Your professors will not only know your name, but equally as important, they’ll also know your skills, interests, and personality. This allows faculty and staff to know you well enough to make recommendations about careers in which you will excel and love!

The Liberal Arts. The word “liberal” literally means “broadening.” Ursuline College celebrates students who wish to continue to learn broadly and remain intellectually curious. Just as you have many interests now, you will continue to have many interests even after you graduate. Investing in a liberal arts degree from Ursuline is the best way to prepare you for any career, as the value in its versatility carries into any field. An Ursuline education doesn’t teach you what to think by lecturing at you, it teaches you how to think by exposing you to multiple perspectives and asking you to develop your own values, voice, and vision.

First-year to Career Program
. Ursuline recently launched the ‘First Year to Career’ program. First year students will be given the opportunity to have mini internships in a field in which they are interested. This initial exposure allows students to decide whether or not a career in that particular field is a good fit for them before they commit to a major. Students will also receive opportunities for “soft skills” training with topics covering the areas of career exploration, attitude, responsibility, ethics, punctuality and appearance.  The First Year to Career Program allows students time to do some self-exploration to decide what they are truly passionate about and interested in before deciding on a specific academic path.

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