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A graduate education at Ursuline College is an opportunity for transformation. It equips students with the knowledge and skills they need for a new career or a new direction in life.

Graduate education is a vital component of the College mission, offering programs that prepare individuals for their lives as intellectuals and professionals. Each program builds on a strong undergraduate foundation and provides for continued comprehensive development in the student’s selected area of study. All graduate programs offer a robust theoretical grounding for students, extended with discipline-specific knowledge and integrated through reflective practice. Not only do the graduate programs at Ursuline College address the significant issues facing society today, they also prepare students for visionary leadership that enables them to meet the challenges of the future.

Since 1871, Ursuline College has been widely recognized for its quality education. Ursuline’s graduate programs are rigorous and challenging. At Ursuline, students benefit from small, interactive classes with faculty who are experts in their fields. These teacher-mentors bring vast knowledge and experience to the classroom, as well as a genuine commitment to each and every student’s success. All graduate programs at Ursuline include hands-on experiences, where students apply classroom learning to the field. Most programs require a culminating or capstone project that integrates and applies all that the students have learned.

To fit within the busy lifestyle of working adults, classes are conveniently scheduled with a choice of programs meeting on weekdays, evenings and weekends; semester-long and executive formats; as well as hybrid courses that combine both in-class and online learning. Taking courses for enrichment, lifelong learning, and/or certificates is also possible. Ursuline’s graduate programs are designed to promote academic, personal and professional growth. The reflective, values-based education brings students a new appreciation of who they are and what they can do in the world.

Ursuline College offers graduate degrees in the following areas:

Master of Arts
Counseling and Art Therapy
Historic Preservation
Liberal Studies
Theological and Pastoral Studies

Master of Arts in Education
Educational Administration
Master Apprenticeship Program for Teachers (MAP) (initial licensure)

Master of Business Administration
Socially Conscious MBA

Master of Science in Nursing
Graduate Nursing Program

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Graduate Certificate
Sustainability and Spirituality Online Certificate

For current Ursuline College undergraduate students
Bridge programs
: Art Therapy and Counseling, Liberal Studies, Historic Preservation, Master of Business Administration, Theological and Pastoral Studies

Continuing Education
Online courses to renew teaching license