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Financial Aid | Tuition and Fees

Ursuline College remains one of the most competitively priced private colleges in Ohio. Students at Ursuline are charged by credit hour, not a flat rate fee for full-time attendance. On average, undergraduate students must take 32 credits per year to graduate in four years. The following are provided to assist in estimating a student’s actual cost of education.  

Fall Payment Plan
Spring Payment Plan

2017-2018 Academic Year Tuition & Fee Schedule

Undergraduate per credit

$ 1,028.00

Room (double occupancy) one year

$ 5,294.00

Room (single occupancy) one year

$ 8,368.00

Room (Smith Hall Charge) one year

$ 7,828.00

Board (full meal plan) one year

$ 5,068.00

Board (reduced meal plan) one year (Smith Hall only)

$ 4,652.00

Graduate School Tuition Rates

UCAP Tuition Rates

Technology and Parking Fees

Technology Fee - Full Time students:

$  310.00 per year

Technology Fee - Part Time students:

$  230.00 per year

Parking Fee - All students:

$    60.00 per year

Matriculation Fee - New students only

$  100.00 one time only fee

Course fees vary – please see the Schedule of Classes for any fees associated with specific courses.

Books & Supplies

Please Note: Even if all of your college costs are covered, it is still a good idea to arrive on campus with money for immediate purchase of books and incidentals. Delivery of aid is not always immediate and a student can expect to pay approximately:

Full Time students: $1,200.00 per year
Students attending 3/4 time: $   900.00 per year
Students attending 1/2 time: $   600.00 per year
Students attending less than 1/2 time: $   300.00 per year

Additional Estimated Expenses for All Students (not billed by Ursuline College)


In Parent’s Home

On campus

Off Campus

Room & Board

$   2,500  

*see above

$  6,450


$   2,550  

$     800

$  2,550

Personal Expenses

$   2,000  

$  1,000

$  2,000

Note: The cost of attendance for the nine-month academic year includes both direct expenses (tuition, fees, room & board for students living on campus) and indirect expenses (books, supplies, transportation, personal expenses, and room & board for students living off campus). The figure is subject to change and is not meant to represent your Ursuline accounts bill for the academic year, but it is the cost against which we measure your resources to determine your eligibility for aid.

If you have any questions about tuition, billing and fees, please call the Student Service Center at 440-646-8309.


Grant Aid Estimator for First-Time, Full-Time Freshmen

The Net Price Calculator is a tool provided by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) to give prospective students and parents an estimate of the average grant aid awarded for college attendance for families in different income categories. Data considered in the calculation are income, family size, number in college, high school GPA and test scores.

Ursuline College has entered the average grant aid (federal, state, and college aid) offered to first-time full-time freshmen who began attendance at the college in the Fall of 2016. Since the college charges tuition per credit hour and not a flat rate, the amount of grant assistance can vary for the same family category, therefore keep in mind that your end result is an average for families like you – your actual total grant money can be lower or higher. Also keep in mind that this is not your total aid award as it does not include outside scholarships that you may be awarded, college work study, or low-interest federal student loans.

Remember that the figures are based on Fall 2016 tuition, fees, and awards.  These averages will most likely be higher for the current year.

To apply for aid, be sure to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.fafsa.gov.

Click here to view the Net Price Calculator

NCES also provides students and parents with comparable data from each college, including net price, through the College Navigator website at http://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/.  For specific information on Ursuline College from the College Navigator website, please click here.