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Study Abroad

Interested in studying abroad?
Ursuline has opportunities for all undergraduate students interested in an international educational experience! From faculty-led programs that satisfy the requirements of the core curriculum to longer programs custom selected for your individual interests and educational needs, you can study abroad while completing your Ursuline degree – no matter what your major! 

Ursuline Studies Abroad
The Ursuline Studies program offers faculty-led programs for US 350 and US 401, the Stage II and III anchor courses. For US 350, you’ll visit Athens, Florence and Rome in a trip aligned with midterm break. Faculty-led programs for US 401 have focused on Jane Austen’s England and the Jewish Holocaust, and have visited countries such as England, France, Italy and Poland. All Ursuline Studies Abroad programs are short-duration international programs, usually 1-2 weeks long, and are limited to approximently 15 students.

Participants have raved about Ursuline Studies Abroad: “[the trip] was the greatest experience of my life. I am so grateful I was able to go. It has really opened my eyes to so much more.” (Dominique Wheatley)

“I spent a week and a half immersed in culture and learning and seeing some of the most amazing works of art and architecture ever made. Seeing things in person gives you a whole new appreciation for them... Now I just want to go everywhere and see everything!” ( Melissa Gerhardt)

Semester and Year-long Study Abroad Programs
Seeking a longer, more immersive study abroad experience? We are here to help make that happen! Recent years have seen Ursuline students study abroad in Japan and Australia. Where do you want to go? What do you want to learn? Come see the Study Abroad Coordinator to begin planning your individualized study abroad experience.

Want more information?
Speak with Dr. JoAnne Podis, Vice President of Academic Affairs
    Mullen 322
    440 646 8107