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Ursuline College @Ursulinecampus   October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, contact OCCS and get help now!

The Ursuline Studies Program is collaborative, women-focused, writing intensive and centered on experiential learning. Here are some comments from our students and alumnae:

"The Ursuline Studies program was the main connection to all my other classes and has enriched me as a person and pushed me to think of things that should be changed in the world."
- Brandi McCormick '13

"The Ursuline Studies Program helped me to think, communicate and to express myself. Through the program I had many examples of good role models and the ways to build on my strengths and improve my weaknesses." - Amberose Alexander '16

"The best part about the Ursuline Studies program for me was the opportunity to study topics outside my major. The approach is holistic; you receive a well-rounded education that allows you to develop a global perspective." - Rebecca Wrenn '12

Graduate Brandi McCormick discusses the benefits of Ursuline Studies from Ursuline College on Vimeo.

Amberrose Alexander Ursuline Studies Program Testimonial from Ursuline College on Vimeo.